Check out this bard-ass Shakespeare tattoo

London-based Lainey has a really special relationship with a 450 year old dude.

Thank you for offering to be the first person to share their tattoo story on the Inkluded blog. Firstly, tell us about Lainey!

Oh, you know, living the dream. London life, cute dog, love my job. I spend most of my time in the world of theatre, music, books and movies. Music is a big part of my life, especially Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Which is your favourite tattoo and why did you chose to get it?

I’d be thinking about having black and grey portrait of Shakespeare for a long time, and I also wanted to add a little homage to Thirty Seconds to Mars, my band du jour. I’d asked Conrad, my tattooist, for the portrait with the Mars symbols and he came up with a way to incorporate them which far exceeded my paltry vision!

Why Shakespeare? Well why not Shakespeare? What other playwright has the longevity of Shakespeare, is as relevant today as back then? Plus I just love the plays.

Conrad works at Tattooooze in Lee Green. He is brilliant! He has the most amazing ink himself and is a fantastic artist.

Shakespeare tattoo

Shakespeare tattoo

Was the famous bard your first tattoo?

This was my seventh tattoo. The first one was picked out of a book and is my least favourite. Luckily it’s on my hip and never sees the light of day. My third one was a quote from Much Ado About Nothing, my favourite Shakespeare play. It’s spoken by Beatrice: “There was a star cheap sildenafil 100mg danced and under that was I born”. I love that play so much!

Shakespeare tattoo

Much Ado About Nothing tattoo

I am sure tattoos have become so much more popular between your first and your seventh.

Pop culture is weird. I mean, who would have thought that tattoos would ever have become so popular and so quick? The fact that it’s now more acceptable for anyone of any age, sex or class to have ink, I think is brilliant. But maybe too many people get their tattoos done too fast and without thinking it through. Hence the equally fast growing business of removing ink.

Do you have any plans for more?

Will the sun rise tomorrow morning? YES! I want a watercolour flower on my arm, also I have a plan for a hot air balloon descending from the top of my arm to just above my elbow, black and grey, and based on Barbosa’s cover for Frederica by Georgette Heyer.


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Do you have a favourite style of tattoo?

Black and grey. Most of my ink is black and grey, I’m lucky that I found the most brilliant artist who specialises in beautiful black and grey work.

What do you love about tattoos?

Such a difficult question to answer. I don’t know. I don’t know what it is about ink that I love. Apart from the first one, all my tattoos mean something or mark something special in my life. I love them all. I suppose I love even the first one in a strange way!

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