Your ink: Binky & the bird

Last week’s client story was from Lainey in London. In this story, I’m talking to Binky – whose ink was created a whopping 5,000 miles away…

Binx 2

Hi, tell us about you!

My name’s Binky. I love music, travel, performance, watching TED talks when I’m hungover, murder mysteries, Manhattans and sweet potato.

Binx Tattoo

Tell us about your ink.

This tattoo depicts a large lavender flower, a humming bird, smaller lavender flowers and coloured shading. I got it when I was travelling in Colombia – a girl in my hostel was going round asking if anyone wanted to be tattooed, because she was tattooing at a big conference the next day. I put my hand up straight away. We chatted, I looked at her work, I told her I wanted a lavender flower because it always reminds me of my Grandad. She asked if she could include a humming bird because she likes doing them, I said sure. She drew up this design and I loved it. Her name is Chloee Jabour, and she’s from Montreal. She’s incredible!

Was this your first tattoo?

No, this was my third. My first was a black alder tree branch along my side (colour as well).

What’s your favourite style of tattoo?

I love most styles, but I really love detail and colour. I LOVE watercolour tattoos like Klaim/Street Tattoo. I also love colour block tattoos like Sashaunisex‘s work, although I don’t have any of these… yet!

What do you love about tattoos?

I love lots of things about them. There’s the usual stuff like the way they look, a form of expression blah blah blah. I love that they constantly bring back memories – for me, happy ones. And I love that they spark interesting conversation with people you have just met: about design, about artists, about memories, whatever path you want to talk about.

Do you dislike anything about tattoos?

Not really? After care maybe? I don’t mind the pain… I don’t mind making conversation with someone for hours whilst they work on you… I don’t mind that they are becoming popular and trendy and widely accepted… I don’t mind whether you get a shitty tattoo or a full body artwork!

Do you have any plans for any future work soon?

I would love to have more but I am far too poor at the moment! I guess that’s my answer to if I dislike anything – the price!

So many people have ink these days don’t they…

It’s definitely a fashion at the moment, which I’m sure will change. But I don’t think people will ever stop getting tattoos altogether. They are a tribal thing – you almost feel part of a subculture. It’s a way of showing that you are a person who is interested in art and that to you, that art takes precedence over convention/conformity. Although it’s debatable what conformity would be now. It’s also a way of paying homage to your own memories, loyalties and affiliations, of externalising your personality and your life. I love that.

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