Clumsy Kate and her tattoo-inspired fashion

I am just absolutely head over heels with Clumsy Kate products! I stumbled across them in Leamington Spa’s Blighty Bazaar Retro Vintage Shop and had to share the love.

Clumsy Kate  Clumsy Kate Stall

All Clumsy Kate products and prints are designed and made by Kate Hawkridge in her studio in Stamford. After working as a print designer for brands like Criminal Damage, Stussy and Collectif, she decided to do her own thing and set up Clumsy Kate. Like me, Kate had a strong feeling that there were not enough interesting tattoo inspired prints around, everyone seemed to be using the same fabrics. She wanted to change that.

Pink Nautical Ship Tattoo Cushion  Nautical Tattoo Cushion

All of her products are printed in short runs and customisable, as Kate says, they are “designed with love”. So if there’s something you want in a different colour, just give her a shout. They’re the sort of fashion items so gorgeously bespoke and unique, you’ll never see someone wearing the same thing!

Skull Necklace Clumsy Kate  Roller Derby Tattoo Print Headband

Clumsy Kate loves Instagram too, meaning if you post your product in a cute picture, tagging @clumsykate… she’ll offer the best pictures a 10% off voucher for her Etsy store.

Hawaiian Floral Skull Print Purse  Tiki Tropical Hawaiian Scarf

Happy shopping! Visit her Etsy shop to get involved.

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