Classic symmetry: interview with tattoo artist Lauren Sutton

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This week, I caught up with Lauren Marie Sutton, who tattoos at Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester.

Lauren Sutton  Redwood Tattoo Studio

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been tattooing for about a year now. I started off doing an apprenticeship, at a studio in Blackpool. I secured this apprenticeship because I spent a long time building up a really strong portfolio – that would be my advice to any artists wanting to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship.

I like to tattoo a variety of styles but I do specialise in geometric pattern work and dotwork. My work is predominantly in black and grey.

Lauren Sutton 11  Lauren Sutton Large Photo   Lauren Sutton 12Lauren Sutton 3

What do you love most about your job?

I love designing original pieces for customers. At the moment my obsession is with animal heads! I love sitting down and trying new ideas to create a unique design for my customers.

Lauren Sutton 14  Lauren Sutton 10

Tell us about your own ink.

I’ve been tattooed by quite a few different artists and friends, and they are mostly palm sized pieces. I’ve never planned to have any big pieces done, but recently I’ve been thinking about getting a back piece done. I keep changing my mind about what I’d like though, plus I don’t know if I could hack the pain!

Lauren Sutton 8  Lauren Sutton 13

What are some of the biggest things you’ve learnt starting out?

When I first started my apprenticeship, my drawings were all realistic black and grey and I thought that’s what I’d tattoo forever and nothing else. But after trying out lots of different styles and researching other artists, I became more creative with my designs and it completely changed my style.

Lauren Sutton 6  Lauren Sutton 9

What does the next year hold for you?

I’m going to be doing some conventions which is exciting, including Manchester’s Tattoo Tea Party in February, and hoping to do a few guest spots in other studios which should be fun. I’m also planning to make a book of my sketches and designs to go on sale next summer.

Lauren Sutton 15  Lauren Sutton 7

What else do you love outside of tattooing?

In my spare time I work with an artist as her painting assistant and I absolutely love that! One of my other favourite things to do after a hard day is just, well, chill out and do nothing! I love watching films and TV series and just getting completely lost in them.

Lauren Sutton 5  Lauren Sutton 2

Which artists influence and inspire you?

There’s too many! I’m constantly on Instagram finding new amazing artists to follow and get inspiration from. They include Ivan Hack, Matt Black, Karrie Arthurs, Cassady Bell, Joao Chavez, Marco Marini and Ben Lopez.

Lauren Sutton Redwood

To explore more, follow Lauren on Instagram or visit the Redwood Tattoo Studio website.

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