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A random thought for an Autumn day

Autumn 2

It’s that time of year. That time of year when one section ends and another begins.

Each year, at this time, we mourn the short summer. As the sharp, cold nights creep in without warning, and moisture is sucked from heavy leaves, every single living thing on this earth has the same feeling.

Every flower, every tree, every animal and human. It’s a warm familiarity, of this exact sensation 365 days ago. The piercing, still air and creaky, amber pathways are the same as they always have been. Autumn is here again. We forget it so easily and remember it so quickly.

Summer has passed. Where did it go? Always the same response. It swept by so fast, like a piece of rubbish being taken by the wind. No time to acknowledge, or appreciate, or do half the things we said we would. Three months flashed by like three seconds, and another sheet of fresh green grass weekends lies down to rest in our memories.

We move forward. We make the most of what we have. In the months of darkness that follow, we will burn towering fires. We will warm vegetables, we will keep together, we will decorate our lives with sparkle and glitter. We will make light.

We move forward with hope, and comfort, that Summer will return in the blink of an eye. The cycle of our overwhelmingly beautiful country will continue. The wheel of all that we know, each smell, each touch, each colour… will keep on turning.

We reassure ourselves with promises for the future. That which we have not achieved, we will next year.

Deep within the damp wood of our wheels is a creaking reminder, a reminder that we must all bring to the surface of this present moment. Each one of our lives is a precious Summer, a growing bud that will bloom, survive and dance in the wind like no other.

As you flourish, do all the things now that you have ever wanted to. Embrace your own season, because it’s not like Summer. Once it has passed… it will never return.

Autumn Autumn 3

Autumn 4

Words and Photography: Beccy Rimmer

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