Inkluded is taking over the ‘Where They Tatt’ Instagram


There are some awesome blogs and social profiles out there sharing great tattoo art. One of my favourites is called Where They Tatt, ran by UK tattoo enthusiast Aaron.

I’ve been writing about tattoos for years now, but still to this day I get introduced to new artists I’ve never heard of. Despite spending most of (all of) my waking moments looking at tattoos online, at least once a week I utter the phrase “how did I now know about this person?!

There’s such an amazing wealth of tattoo talent out there, scattered in every corner of this planet – tattooists that Inkluded has interviewed or showcased that other tattoo blogs might not have even encountered before, and vice versa.

That’s why me and Aaron decided to swap Instagram login details, and share our tattoo love with our respective followers.

The tattoo industry is truly collaborative. We believe it has the potential to be uncompetitive when it comes to brands sharing knowledge and passion.

For the next 2 days (29/30/31 December) I shall be taking over the Where They Tatt Instagram page and introducing its fanbase to some of my favourite tattoo artists. Enjoy!

Follow Inkluded and Where They Tatt on Instagram.

Hello Where They Tatt followers!

Hello Where They Tatt followers!

The Where They Tatt Instagram profile

The Where They Tatt Instagram profile

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