Thanks for sharing: your first tattoo encounters were beautiful

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

Last month I ran a competition on Facebook which gave readers the chance to win a free copy of new book The Tattoo Dictionary (congratulations to our winner Holly)!

To enter, you had to comment on the post sharing the story behind your first ever tattoo. I just LOVED your guys’ answers and wanted to share them with the rest of the Inkluded community.

I recently did a vlog about the importance of information and research when getting your first ever tattoo. I think most of us make those decisions quickly and go on to be a bit embarrassed about the tiny, cheesy symbol we put on our bodies as angry teenagers! It was great to learn that we are not alone. 🙂

Inkluded Facebook page

Inkluded Facebook page

The responses from you all just proved that no one tattoo story is the same. From plain symbols to a complex unicursal hexagram, this selection of answers is evidence of how diverse tattoo motivations can be. Some of you felt regret and negativity towards your first tattoo, one individual in particular was forced to receive it – but overall you had positive, nostalgic emotions towards these experiences.

We’re sometimes really quick to judge ‘common’ or ‘cliché’ artwork but I think that first tattoo decision is a huge one at the time. Decorating our bodies with tattoos is a very lengthy journey for many of us – it all starts somewhere and goes on to give us immense personal joy and self-exploration. I feel so honoured to have heard about these varied special encounters that, for many, kick-started the wearer’s life-long love with tattoos.

"A very thick, heavy tiger tattoo, about 28 years ago..." Andrew

“A very thick, heavy tiger tattoo, about 28 years ago…” Andrew

There were over 60 comments but here are a selection put together in a jazzy word cloud!

As you can see, tribal, Yin Yang, crosses and butterflies were the most frequent answers, but still a load of variety in there.

Your first tattoos!

Your first tattoos!

"Books and coffee!" Kelly

“Books and coffee!” Kelly

"First ink was my mother and father's families with the quote "one life one dream one chance"..." Mathew

“First ink was my mother and father’s families with the quote “one life one dream one chance”…” Mathew

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