Everyone welcome at our annual Summer picnic in Birmingham

Pray for sunshine <3

Pray for sunshine! Photo by Unsplash

Inkluded is having a Summer picnic and all are welcome.

So – we’ve had a few small-scale meet-ups in the past and it’s been great to get together Inkluded fans, followers, artists and friends. But we haven’t had one for a while so I thought the time had come to set a date for 2017!

Let’s get together on Sunday 18 June 2017 12pm – 5pm (ish).

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Located at the heart of the country, Birmingham always seems to be the best place to host. You can get trains direct to Birmingham New Street (and Moor Street) station from loads of major cities and towns.

I’m suggesting we all gather in Birmingham’s Eastside City Park which is a lovely new park that’s in walking distance from the main train stations (15 mins). I’ll let you know nearer the time how you can spot us when you arrive and where exactly we will be (I’ll take a giant flagpole or something less embarrassing!).

Eastside City Park, Birmingham

Eastside City Park, Birmingham

This is an EVERYONE WELCOME event. Our last few meet-ups have been a diverse mix of tattoo artists, apprentices, bloggers, writers, non-tattooed people, friends, family, parents, babies, alt. brands and kids of all ages. Lots of different people getting together because hey, why not! Some of us need to get out more (myself included!). Even if you have no idea who we are and what we do – come find out!

BRING FOOD & DRINK! I will bring picnic blankets, cups, plates and some food and drink for all, but it’d be great if everyone could also contribute something small – a bottle of pop and some crisps or whatever you can spare to share with everyone. If you want to bring more, great… get out your picnic supplies! 🙂

Please don’t feel nervous coming on your own (easier said than done, I know). Our last few events, various people came alone not knowing what to expect and we went on to have a great day, keep in touch and remain friends!

That’s just what the event is for – bringing like-minded people together who often find it hard to step away from work and socialise. Most of us that get together at these events don’t like huge, new, social gatherings and ironically that’s what’s brought us together… come and be awkward with us!

We also end up gassing so much, none of us take photos which is why there are hardly any previous event photos to accompany this blog – haha!

Top right you'll see Eastside City Park, it's about 15 min walk from New Street Station

Top right you’ll see Eastside City Park, it’s about 15 min walk from New Street Station

Follow this event on Facebook to stay to-to-date with any changes and drop us a message nearer the time so I know how many people to expect. If you have any questions comment below and it will come through to me via email.

I hope you can all make it and let’s pray for sunshine!

If the weather is terrible when the time arrives, we’ll come up with a plan B!!!


Founder & Director, Inkluded


Inkluded meet-up 2016!

Inkluded meet-up 2016!

Photo from our exhibition event, 2015

Photo from our exhibition event, 2015


– There aren’t toilets at the park itself but we’re fairly central so we will work out the best place to go when we arrive

– Booze welcome (I will bring cups, bottle opener, etc.)

– Fires and BBQs not allowed so cooked / cold food only

– FAMILY-FRIENDLY! Kids & babies welcome of course

– There will no doubt be places to park in Birmingham on a Sunday, just use your friend Google to find a cheap / free car-park

Inkluded tattoo artist and readers meet-up, Birmingham 2016

Inkluded tattoo artist and readers meet-up, Birmingham 2016

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