Is F1030 the first ever medically tested and approved cream for tattoo aftercare?

Tattoo healing is so important

Tattoo healing is so important

Last month I met a man called Scott Graves. Scott works for a medical company called Flen Health and has spent the last few years of his career trying to answer two questions – is a tattoo a wound, and how can we make sure that wound heals healthily?

When Scott first reached out to Inkluded to tell me about his new tattoo aftercare cream, F1030, he sent me something I’ve never been given before by any tattoo company wanting me to share their product. I’m referring pages of medical research and evaluation. Graphs, diagrams, reports and presentations written by medical professionals and university professors who have spent the last year or so with their heads buried in the tattoo world.

Medical professionals have been part of the development of F1030

Medical professionals have been part of the development of F1030

These individuals, along with Scott, the team at Flen Health and a team of experienced tattoo artists, have been exploring why a tattoo is a wound and exactly how the skin is damaged through this process. Finally, and perhaps the most important question here, they’ve been trying to find out what we need to do in the aftercare procedure and why.

I can’t even begin to condense these hundreds of pages of information into one short blog post, which is why you’re going to be hearing more from the F1030 team, via Inkluded, in the coming year.

F1030 is on sale now

F1030 is on sale now

So, who are the company behind F1030?

Flen Health are a global creator and distributor of healing products, Flen Health specialise in skin healing. They work with medical professionals to provide hospitals and surgeries with the best creams and gels to heal wounds. They’ve been committed to international wound clinical research for the last 15 years. Their famous ‘Flamigel’ is used to treat wounds, burns and grazes in hospitals all over the world.

So, what exactly is F1030?

F1030 is a protective and moisturising cream for newly tattooed skin. It provides a fatty barrier which reduces http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-ventolin/ water loss from the epidermis and provides moisture to dry skin. In an exuding tattoo, the lipo-alginate layer of F1030 is activated and consequently will absorb excessive fluid to restore and maintain the water balance in the tattoo.

It's all about getting the right moisture balance

It’s all about getting the right moisture balance

Why is moisture balance so important?

Analysing the moisture balance of their products is a priority for Flen Health. With tattoos (and any wound), an environment that’s too moist increases the risk of infection. On the other hand, too dry and you’re looking at scabs, cracked skin and possible patchy (and delayed) tattoo healing.

They’ve been developing the formula of F1030 to ensure that the final product provides the optimal moisture balance.

What other medical properties does the cream have?

If I was to talk to you about lipid barriers, optimal viscosity and haemostasis… it may sound Greek to you. I’m no medical professional. That’s why, you’re going to be hearing more from the brains themselves as we speak direct from Scott in the coming weeks.

Find out about F1030 at a convention near you

Find out about F1030 at a convention near you

Explore more yourself in person!

Scott’s been working with nurses and medical professionals for the last year and now they’re coming to a tattoo convention near you in 2017 to run workshops and presentations to tell you in layman’s terms why this product is a positive move for the tattoo industry.

They launched F1030 last weekend at the Brighton Tattoo Convention. Be sure to also catch them at:

  • The Great British Tattoo Show (27 – 28 May)
  • Leeds International Tattoo Expo (8 – 9 July)
  • Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention (15 – 16 July)
  • Tattoo Jam (11 – 13 August)
  • International London Tattoo Convention (22 – 24 September)
  • Midlands Tattoo Industry Show (29 September – 1 October)
  • Manchester International Tattoo Show (29 – 30 October)
  • Florence Tattoo Convention (3 – 5 November)
  • International Brussels Tattoo Convention (10 – 12 November)

Find out more and purchase on the F1030 website.

F1030 can be bought via their website

F1030 can be bought via their website

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