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Meet the artists at Nine Owls Tattoo Studio, Stockport

Last month I got tattooed at a convention by the talented Becci Boo. It was great to finally meet Becci in person after following her work online for so long, and to hear all about the shop she’s based at – Nine Owls Tattoo Studio in Stockport.

In the days that followed, I explored the work of Becci’s co-workers and promised myself to not forget to share their awesome work. Arran, Lawrence, Demi, Lucian and Becci – go explore their beautiful stuff and see what takes your fancy!

Arran Knott (Instagram @knottone)

Arran 1 Arran 2

Lawrence Canham (Instagram @lcanhamtattooer)

Law 3 Law 1 Law 2

Demi Wallwork (Instagram @demi_tattoo)

Dem1 Dem2 Dem3

Lucian Broughton (Instagram @luciantattoos)

Luc 1 Luc 3 Luc 2

Becci ‘Boo’ Murphy (Instagram @bootattoo89)

bec3 bec1 bec2


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