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Inkluded was set up in November 2014 by me, Beccy Rimmer. I am a blogger, writer and tattoo collector. I have a degree in English Studies and also work as a digital marketing consultant.

Prior to blogging, my background is events marketing. For a decade I’ve worked for UK arts organisations in marketing and PR roles. To me, tattoos are just another expressive artform that we should be shouting about and supporting, the same way we would with theatre or other visual art.

As well as spending all my dosh on tattoos, my other loves are music, yoga, running, travelling, witchcraft, movies and arts & crafts. I spend my days writing and working for clients from my office in the Warwickshire countryside, with my naughty cat Marty.

I got my first tattoo around a decade ago – I now have a growing collection of tattoos by many different artists (too many to name here – you’ll have to read my blogs)!

Find out more about me on my personal website.

Blog awards

In 2017, Inkluded was awarded the title of best ‘Arts & Culture’ blog at the UK Blog Awards.

Get in touch

Email me at beccy@inkluded.co.uk. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Beccy Rimmer Inkluded

Photo by Lewis David Photography

Write for Inkluded

I am always on the look out for volunteer writers and guest blogs. If you have something to say about tattoos and want to contact me, read more here.

A HUGE thank you to Inkluded’s previous and regular contributors:

Bethan Ackerley, Rose Adolph, Lydia Amor, Sam Berry, Chloé Vaughan, Tiago Ismael, Anna Rickards, Kayla Sutcliffe, Kat Winifred, Adam Windsor, Robert Davies, Color My Skin, Ingrid Anna Marvin, Will Gee, Charlotte Williams, Hannah Cox, Hannya Jayne, Elise Morgan, Spike Davis-Riseborough, Toni Gwilliam

Beccy Rimmer

Photo by Lewis David Photography

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  1. Interesting article on Wor;ld News here about people with Vittilargo the skin disease and a girl who has a tattoo on her arm saying “This is Vittilargo” she talks about her tattoo. Might be a good subject to focus on for an article . Medical related tattoo’s ??
    love you dad.

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