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Photo by Kamila Burzymowska

Inkluded is an online place for tattoo discussion, debate and reflection.

This website represent the multitude of tattoo voices present in the world right now – from exceptional tattooists breaking boundaries, to the contemplative tattoo wearers of today.

Inkluded shares tattoo ideas, interviews, opportunities, competitions, events, products, but most of all… stories.

In 2017, Inkluded was awarded the title of best ‘Arts & Culture’ blog at the UK Blog Awards.

Inkluded is ran by Beccy Rimmer. As well as running Inkluded, her personal blog, Beccy also writes for Skin Deep and Tattoodo.

Melanie Steinway

Tattoo by Melanie Steinway

Inkluded was set-up with some strong missions at heart.

The brand aims to:

  • Make you feel part of and included in tattoo culture, never alienated or intimidated by it
  • Admire and respect the hard work and talent of tattoo artists, especially those in the UK
  • Be a forum for those artists and the tattoo community, a place where they can have a voice
  • Showcase, promote and support ‘up-and-coming’ tattoo artists who may not have received media coverage elsewhere
  • Report on tattooing in an accurate, artistic and respectful light, contrary to other media portrayals
  • Educate the non-tattooed community about our art-form, to erase stigmas and challenge misconceptions about tattooed people
  • Contemplate, consider, discuss and analyse the process of getting tattooed on a meaningful level
  • Discuss issues, challenges and movements in the tattoo industry today
  • Raise awareness and educate the public on what makes a quality (and not quality) tattoo
  • Promote and encourage opportunities and information for artists, young people and aspiring tattooers
  • Support tattoo artists through other means such as selling physical art-works, showcasing their work in exhibitions and securing press-coverage for them elsewhere
Tattoo by Tiggy, Briar Rose Tattoo, London

Tattoo by Tiggy, Briar Rose Tattoo, London

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  1. read your article in Skindeep today, interesting read,especially for an 18 stone fella with mild body image issues, hope you’re gonna carry on writing for em

  2. Hello Beccy. Great stuff! I am your Dad’s long time pal Brian Taylor, now living in America?

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