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Inkluded is a UK-based tattoo blog, store and community.

I am Beccy, Inkluded’s Founder, and as I am passionate about exploring tattoo art and culture, this website has a strong mission…

As a tattoo brand, Inkluded wants to:

  • Make you feel part of, and included in, tattoo culture… never alienated or intimidated by it
  • Admire and respect the hard work and talent of tattoo artists, especially those in the UK
  • Be a forum for those artists and the tattoo community, a place where they can have a voice
  • Showcase, promote and support new, emerging and ‘up-and-coming’ tattoo artists who may not have received media coverage elsewhere
  • Report on tattooing in an accurate, artistic and respectful light, contrary to other media portrayals of tattoos
  • Educate the non-tattooed community about our artform, to erase stigmas and challenge misconceptions about tattooed people
  • Contemplate, consider, discuss and analyse the process and concept of getting tattooed on a spiritual and meaningful level
  • Discuss issues, challenges and movements in the tattoo industry today
  • Raise awareness and educate the public on what makes a quality (and not quality) tattoo
  • Be the place where the tattoo community can engage in discussion and debate openly, free from judgement
  • Welcome new individuals with open arms who want to explore more when it comes to tattoos
  • Promote and encourage opportunities and information for artists, young people and aspiring tattooers
  • Be a respectable and trustworthy source for tattoo advice, tips, help, guidance and support
  • Encourage contemplation, passion and interest around tattoos
  • Support tattoo artists (financially and non-financially) through other means such as selling merchandise, showcasing their work in exhibitions, securing press-coverage for them elsewhere, and more
Inkluded Founder & Director, Beccy Rimmer, photo by Lewis David Photography

Inkluded Founder & Director, Beccy Rimmer, photo by Lewis David Photography

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