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Inkluded aims to welcome you into tattoo culture today. Photography by Kamila Burzymowska (kamilaburzymowska.pl)

Hello! My name is Beccy, I am a tattoo blogger and Inkluded is my award-winning tattoo blog that I run here in the UK.

I created this site because I want you to feel part of tattoo culture by helping you explore and enjoy it.

Start browsing blog posts now and begin exploring the world of tattoos.

I aim to showcase the best tattoo talent. This website is place for industry discussion, debate and reflection. The blogs represent the multitude of tattoo voices present in the world right now – from exceptional tattooists breaking boundaries, to the contemplative tattoo wearers of today. Inkluded shares tattoo ideas, interviews, opportunities, competitions, events, products, but most of all… tattoo stories.

Read the full mission here if you want to know more about what Inkluded stands for, or email me at beccy@inkluded.co.uk if you have an idea for a future story.

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I hope you feel included in our artistic community…

Beccy RimmerFounder & Director, Inkluded

Melanie Steinway

Tattoo by Melanie Steinway

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  1. read your article in Skindeep today, interesting read,especially for an 18 stone fella with mild body image issues, hope you’re gonna carry on writing for em

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