Writing for Inkluded

Vegan tattooer

Tattoo by Kat Winifred

Inkluded accepts content from guest bloggers and contributors.

We sadly don’t have a budget to pay external writers – it’s our ambition to one day be a brand that is able to do this.

That means, if you’re looking to write something for use on the site, it will be on a volunteer basis.

Inkluded’s guest bloggers are often:

  • Journalism students interested in tattoos and wanting to gain experience whilst studying
  • Tattoo artists who have a particular topic they want to communicate to tattoo enthusiasts
  • Tattoo lovers who are passionate about tattoos and want to explore that through blogging

If you’d like to write a blog for us, please email hello@inkluded.co.uk with the below information.

Due to the number of incomplete emails we receive, we are not always able to reply to emails that do not include these details.

Please note that we are unable to accept articles word-for-word if they have already been published elsewhere and they will need to be re-written.

Background information:

  • Name and location
  • Why you want to write for us
  • Your connection to tattoos. Do you have any? Why do you want to write about them?
  • Your writing / blogging experience
  • Links to previous editorial

If you’ve already written the blog:

  • Include it in the email
  • It should be accompanied by 5-10 images that you have permission to use

If you haven’t written the blog yet:

  • Include the title of the blog
  • Include a short paragraph explaining what the blog will be about
    • what is the purpose of it?
    • are you interviewing anyone?
    • what will be your conclusion and what will the reader take away?
  • Let us know when it will be ready to share

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your writing with the world.

A huge thank you to Inkluded’s previous and regular contributors:

Bethan Ackerley, Rose Adolph, Lydia Amor, Sam Berry, Chloé Vaughan, Tiago Ismael, Anna Rickards, Kayla Sutcliffe, Kat Winifred, Adam Windsor, Robert Davies, Color My Skin, Ingrid Anna Marvin, Will Gee, Charlotte Williams, Hannah Cox, Hannya Jayne, Elise Morgan, Spike Davis-Riseborough, Toni Gwilliam, Siobhan du Toit, Emma Lawson