Interview with tattoo apprentice Kate Van Doren

Recently I introduced Inkluded followers to sister studios Cannock Ink and Sutton Ink, and all they have to offer.

With a team of dedicated, creative artists and a busy, friendly studio, Cannock and Sutton pride themselves on the strong relationships they develop with their clients.

I promised you future little glimpses into their magnificent world, and here is goes. To kick off, I asked apprentice Kate Van Doren to write a piece for us on her role in the studios.

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“I’ve been drawings since very young. I literally drew all over the walls at home which drove my Dad mad! Every opportunity I would get I’d draw on something – whether in art class or even science class, I would draw characters and pretend they were narrating my work! I would also draw cartoon versions of my mates all the time.

I tried art college after school but it only lasted 3 months as I hated it. They wanted me to draw fruit bowls and I just wanted to draw Tank Girl! I knew I wanted to be an artist, one way or another. I started hairdressing and I still do this in my spare time to get my creativeness on show. As soon as I started getting tattooed, my attention went that way. It’s what I wanted to do. To gain access to the tattoo world, I took up piercing. I also designed tattoos for friends and sold my art online, which got it noticed.

I’d describe my style as very detailed but still slightly comic as I was very much inspired by 2000AD buy genuine generic viagra comics, when growing up. I still am! The artists that influence me are Thomas Hooper for his pure detail and precision, and Anrijs Straume for his dark and clean art.

After years of wasting my time working dead end jobs or at tattoo shops that were just plain awful… I managed to get a Font of House position here at Sutton Ink. The place is amazing as it it’s exactly what a tattoo shop should be. Friendly, professional, clean and just a great place to be. They recognised my artistic talent and asked if I was interested in apprenticing which of course I said yes! I am now at Cannock Ink and love it just as much!

The most important thing I’ve learnt is that no-one likes a wannabe rockstar in the tattoo world. There is no time for egos. I aim to earn respect from being respectful, and to continue learning and to helping other artists too. We are all in this together.

My tattoos are all random and not many have meaning. I’m the sort of person who, even though I love them all, would rather cover my tattoos up then show them off.

The future is taking a slight diversion as I found out I’m expecting my first child in May but up until then, and then hopefully afterwards, I can continue my dream to be a tattooist. I can’t wait for the day when I start tattooing my designs on people after years of watching others do it, maybe even working a convention and finally making my mark on the tattoo world.”