Tattoos and teacups: interview with blogger Rachel Anne Bee

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Tattoo bloggers unite! This month, me and fellow tattoo blogger Rachel Anne Bee have teamed up to interview each other and give an insight into each of our blogs.

Inkluded Blog

Rachel runs Illustrated Teacup – her personal blog about tattoos, art and fashion. She divides her time between cat-cuddling, tea-drinking and blogging about her favourite thing – ink.

The tattoo world can be pretty intimidating if you’re new to it, and it can be hard to know where to look for advice. Similar to our mission here at Inkluded, Illustrated Teacup offers great tattoo guidance, convention reviews and the sharing of some gorgeous art and talented artists.

Let’s meet the tattooed lady behind the teacup!

Tattoo Blog Interview

Tell us about you!
I live in Hampshire, but am originally from Buckinghamshire. I work full-time as a communications advisor for a highways contractor and blog part time. I started my blog in January 2014 because I wanted an outlet to write, as I was an administrator, and wanted to boost my CV and keep myself from getting bored!

So, what made you want to start blogging about tatts?
I’ve loved tattoos since I was a teenager, but really got into them in my early 20s. I wanted to educate people that tattoos don’t change an individual’s personality or their abilities. I love writing, and loved writing my final major project at University, which was based on tattoo culture and perceptions.

Inkluded Blog

What are the things you like writing about the most on your blog?
I loved my interview with tattooist Dani Green. She’s a good friend of mine but I think it’s so interesting to see a tattooist’s opinion. I love writing opinion and advice pieces linked to tattoos, and anything on body confidence and body image. I think it is incredibly important to love yourself, but remember it is OK to change, upgrade and beautify something that you dislike.

What are some of the interesting things happening in the tattoo world at the moment that you think make it an exciting time?
I love the amount of tattoo conventions that are popping up all over the country; celebrating tattoo culture and bringing people together. I also love the collaborations and transition to mainstream lifestyle aspects, such as books and clothing. It brings us one step closer to dropping the stigma for heavily tattooed people.

Tattoo Blog Interview 4

Photo: Dani Green

Tell us about your ink.
Oh god, where do i even start? I’ve been collecting since I was 18, so seven years now. I have a full sleeve by Lee Smith at The Tattoo Rooms, Maidenhead. I’m currently working on my second sleeve which is split in half by tattooists, Saranna Blair at Urban Image Tattoo, Bournemouth and Georgina Jurd at Intense Colours, Southampton. I also have two lady tattoos on my leg by Dani Green, who splits her time between Southampton and South Tyril. Also a cat portrait on my thigh from Jenna Kerr at Devil in the Detail, Stoke. I also have a few other bits and pieces – they all have very different meanings, some more significant than others. My most emotionally significant is probably the rose tattoo on my foot, done by Lee Smith on the 10 year anniversary of my granddad’s death. His name is written alongside it. I don’t necessarily think tattoos have to have meaning, though… the experience itself gives it meaning.

Tattoo Blog Interview 3

What are your plans for the next year?
I’m currently sorting out my job into being a permanent position in communications. I love my job, and it allows me to help in the community which is quite unusual for that kind of job, and the industry too, I’m letting my blog grow organically as it’s only a part-time project, but i would love to get to 1,000 followers on Twitter by the end of 2015. As for tattoos, I’m planning on finishing my sleeve with Georgina, colour in the swans, and a badger for my inner arm (not going to be fun)!

Tattoo Blog Interview 2

Photo: Dani Green

Apart from tattoos, what are your other life passions.
I mostly spend time with my husband, and our cats. I collect art. And I love to travel, though I don’t get to do it half as much as I would like.
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