The man behind the masks: Q&A with tattoo artist Will Gee and competition

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It’s taken me nearly an hour to pick the photos I wanted to use to accompany this Q&A.

Sifting through the last 12 months of Will Gee‘s artwork attempting to pick my favourites was a pointless task, as I found myself just saving every single one.

Will is based in Tavistock, Devon and tattoos out of Monsters Art Emporium. I could introduce this interview with me attempting to describe Will’s unique tattoo style of graphic watercolour realism… but instead I will let a shed load of beautiful pictures do the talking.

Will answered some of my quick fire questions, and also offered to run a competition for you guys to win some of his stuff – details at the end.

Let’s get started.

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Who are your top 5 artists?

Mikee Cue (for supporting me a lot); Leo Rios (his level of work is just incredible); Richard Guy (a huge inspiration); Russell Van Schaick (a killer artist); and Jason Butcher (it would be amazing to sit and watch him for a day).

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What is your favourite tattoo you have ever created?

A really hard one to pin down… probably my recent Masked Girl (thigh piece – picture above right).

Tell us something you really want to tattoo in the future?

A zombie sleeve!

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If you could change anything about tattooing what would it be?

I would change people bailing on bookings or rescheduling their appointments – but that is just part of the job and always will be. It is not always easy to fill a slot last-minute if someone doesn’t show. I know sometimes it cant be helped but some people are just rude.

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If you could do any OTHER job in the world, what would it be?

I used to be in a signed band, so I would do that again in a heartbeat. However, I much prefer tattooing and being with my little family, it means so much more to me.

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What is one of the most important things you have to remember when establishing yourself as a tattoo artist?

I’m not really sure as I feel I am still learning. I guess the biggest thing to remember is to pay your dues to the people that have helped you along your way, supported you and given you their time. I’m always really happy and grateful when people share my work on pages or post something lovely about it.

I also always try and build a good relationship with people. It’s very important to put 200% into your work and be really understanding with the client, rather than just drilling them. I always focus on the service because everything is part of it: how you work, how your space feels, how it looks, having a few breaks here and there and taking the time to get to know your client. All that stuff goes really far.

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Any tips for people wanting to get their artwork noticed and start an apprenticeship?

Build relationships and respect. Spend some time getting to know the artist you want to send your work to. Drop by and see them, get tattooed by them, earn their trust. If you ever wanted to aspire to work in this studio, you’d have to be into metal otherwise after a week you’d be totally broken!

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Favourite place on earth?

Anywhere with my two girls, they are why I do this. They are the ones who have supported me day in day out.

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If you could only tattoo one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?!

Triangles on people to remind them not to be a square. No, seriously, I can’t really say because I always try to progress my work as time does on. You couldn’t tattoo the same thing each day you’d get so frustrated!

Anything else we have missed Mr Gee?

Thanks to my family, friends and everyone that has supported me, got tattooed by me and dropped by to just say hey!

Will Gee is giving one lucky Inkluded reader the chance to win a bundle of prints (pictured below).

How to enter:

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  • Like, share and comment on the post at the top (about the competition)
  • We will pick a winner in a few weeks!


Photos: Will Gee


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