Offend my eyes: competition and interview with Jack Bean

OFFEND MY EYES don’t just sell clothing and accessories, they support you being you. Meaning, all their brightly colourful gear makes a bold statement about who you are. Whether it offends people’s eyes or not.

As he begins work on his biggest season yet, I got together with founder and owner Jack Bean to chat all things OFFENSIVE…

Offend My Eyes

Let’s kick off by letting us know about the competition!

Right. I am giving Inkluded readers the chance to win a FREE exclusive package:

  • A ‘You Offend My Eyes’ t-shirt from the new season (red or black)
  • A pair of socks
  • Accessories bundle: wristband, badges, stickers

To enter: comment on the post on the Inkluded Facebook page and I’ll pick a winner in a few weeks.

Offend My Eyes 7  Offend My Eyes 4

Offend My Eyes 10 Offend My Eyes 3

Tell us about Offend My Eyes and what your role is there?

My name is Jack and along with my partner Nick we run Offend My Eyes together. Offend My Eyes is an alternative clothing company about being who you are, no matter who that offends! We’re big on individuality, creativity and expressing yourself. We started making clothing that we wanted to wear, mixed our messages with awesome artwork and kept the prices as low as possible. 

What have been some of the highlights so far since the business began?

Its been a pretty crazy ride! The overwhelming support from fans has definitely made it all worthwhile. We trade at a lot of events such as tattoo conventions, music festivals, prides and stuff like that so it’s like one big party! My favourite part is talking to all the different people we meet at the shows – who knew there would be so many like-minded people who felt the same way as us? Seeing people wearing our clothing is awesome. 

What makes you different from some of the other alternative clothing companies out there?

We create all the artwork and design everything ourselves, so we know that our ideas are exclusive to us! But we also have a bit of a reputation for being bright, bold and colourful too. It’s not something you see a lot in the alternative market as a lot of the ‘alt’ brands tend to stick to black – however crazy colours and cartoon-style buy sildenafil citrate in australia design that pop in your face are totally what we do! We don’t play it safe either – we offer designs that might be a bit taboo, but it’s all about expressing yourself and not really caring who doesn’t like it. Just be you!

Do you have a favourite design of your own?

Nick is always wearing our OCTOPUSSY design. It’s one of the most offensive t-shirts we’ve done, but it has a lot of fans! It would make your mum blush 😉 As for me, I still love our BE WHO YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE design. It’s got an awesome message, with a gory, gruesome design that always attracts attention. Whenever we wear our items we always get people stopping us to look at them closer.

Offend My Eyes Octopussy  Offend My Eyes Inside

What other things do you do apart from running the business? You’re an illustrator, right?

I am! I am an illustrator in the day, mostly cartoons and book illustrations which probably influences a lot of our clothing. It’s a full time job and along with the business which takes up a lot of time we never seem to get a day off, but we like it like that! Whenever we do get some time off, we like to go to gigs and travelling to new places. 

What can we look forward to in the next few months from you guys?

Right now we’re working on our biggest season yet. We’re continuously trying to push the boundaries and see what ideas we can come up with next. I’ll not give anything away as it’s still in the design stage and won’t be released until Autumn this year, but prepare to be crazier, more colourful and definitely more offensive than ever!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could be with ONE person, listen to ONE song, and eat ONE meal, what would your choices be?

Wow, what a tough question! 

Jack; I’d be stranded with Nick, listening to ‘Magheeta’ by My Morning Jacket and eating noodles!

Nick; Stranded with Jack, listening to Placebo’s cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ and eating sushi!


Visit their website to explore more products.

Photos and graphics: Jack Bean, Offend My Eyes

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