Q&A with tattoo artist Luke Rudden

Luke Rudden 8 

Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Luke RuddenI am a tattoo artist currently living in the surf capital of the UK, Newquay, Cornwall. I work at Atlantic Coast Tattoo Studio with an amazing group of guys and girls – we are all one big family! I haven’t always been a tattoo artist. I was 3 years in the British Armed Forces and I started my tattoo apprenticeship after that. I did dreadful at school. My grades weren’t going to get me far in life, but I have always loved art and drawing from the day I could hold a pencil. I have dyslexia, which means i suck at Maths and English. I struggled to get my head around subjects, so I would sit and draw and doodle! While everyone was busy getting A-Levels and Diplomas I was busy practicing my shading techniques and life drawing skills.

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How did you get to where you are now?

I have worked hard. I always trying to put more time into bettering myself and my techniques. My apprenticeship was really good, I was taught by an amazing artist that I can never thank enough for his knowledge and time! 

I work a lot of the time, but I have a very supportive other-half, she is my rock and supports me and helps push me with my work. I want to take this opportunity to thank her as i wouldn’t be where I am now without her! 

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What are your plans for the next 6 months?

I would buy viagra online pharmacy like to try do some more oil paintings! Also push myself further with my realism work. I am planning on taking some oil painting portrait classes, and I would like to go travelling with my partner to explore new places and even do some guest spots in some cool places.

 Luke Rudden 16

What’s your favourite tattoo you’ve ever done?

This is a hard one… I would probably have to say the Iron Man portrait that I tattooed at Tattoo Jam Convention last year. I was over the moon to see it get a cheeky feature in Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine and end up in the top 40 of the show! 

Luke Rudden 15

Tell us about your own ink?

A lot of my tattoos were done when I was in the forces – when I thought tribal was cool! I am in the process of getting some of them removed and a few big covered ups with some awesome fresh ink! My favourite and newest tattoo I have is my traditional death moth on the back of my head.

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You heading to any conventions soon?

I haven’t booked any this year but I plan to get into some conventions next year. I love them. Meeting other artist and new awesome clients, I especially like Tattoo Jam and Great British Tattoo Show, both massive venues full of interesting people.

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Why do you think people choose to get inked?

It’s a way to express yourself and your emotions, who you are and what you’re about. It’s nice to be able to wear a piece of art you love on your skin forever. 

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What’s the most important thing someone should consider when getting a tattoo?

Look at a artist portfolio and have a proper consultation. Don’t go for the cheapest option as you will regret it, Just choose the best artist for the style of work you would like.

Photos: Luke Rudden