Never mind skin, why not get your Vans tattooed!

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

Recently I chatted to tattoo artist, portrait extraordinaire and all round nice guy, Luke Rudden.

Well, if you fancy some new freaky footwear, Luke is offering to design a custom a pair of Vans, just for you.

For just £80, he’ll create a personalised design for you on any size of white Vans – whatever you want. Price includes consultation, design, shoes, delivery, the whole lot!

You’ll work with Luke in the same way you would if this were a tattoo, and all good things come to those who wait, as they’ll take a month to complete. Once designed, protective layers will be added to the shoes over time so that your glorious pumps will dazzle for all eternity.

Just contact Luke Rudden via his Facebook page.

Let me know if you purchase a pair, I’d love to see some of the designs!

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