First-timer tattoo advice from Inkluded readers

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This week on Facebook I asked: what’s the BIGGEST piece of advice you’d give someone getting their first tattoo?

Thank you for all your comments – here is what you guys had to say…

“Research research research, make sure you see their work healed!”
Lauren Dewbrey

“The internet is available, use it! My first tattoo would have been much more awesome if Instagram existed back then. I just had to go with who did the best looking tattoo out of the ones on my mates!”
AJ Stratton

“If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is! Use your gut instinct and make sure you’re 100% sure about the design, size, placement, artist and studio.”
Julia Godwin

“If they’re cheap there is reason. Good tattooists have a waiting list.”
Billy Braud

“Plan it, think, put it off, think some more.”
Philippa Bradfield

“Keep still! Look after your freshly-inked skin… your tattooist has invested time and skill into your ink, the least you can do is look after it.”
Matt Capewell

“Check out Inkluded to get the best tips and inspiration.”
Anna Mitchelson

“Think long and hard. I’ve had 5 lasered off and 3 covered.”
Chantal Winfield

“A waiting list is a good sign!! Don’t go studio to a studio looking for the cheapest deal. Make sure you see the artist’s work.”
Jolene Roach

“Use your head, think it through, read things on the Internet, like Inkluded.”
Liam Rayner

“A tattoo is for life so make sure it means something to you and not just some random picture picked out of a book.”
Thad Longsworth

“Plan plan plan.”
Spike Davis-Riseborough

“Make sure the meaning is important and you get it somewhere you’re comfortable with. Go small and see how you get on.”
Maya Kl Haynes

“Really think about the design, don’t rush, after all it’s on your body for life.”
Al Hopkinson

“Go big and make it personal to you.”
Tracey Coates

“Go to the best artist for the style you are looking to get.”
Luke Rudden

“Don’t go when you’re on!”
Sophie Wasteney

“Don’t listen to people who say a tattoo has to have meaning, as long as you like the design that’s all that matters.”
Luke Snow

“Research your artist.”
Red Johnston

“Don’t expose it to the sun.”
Nicky Gilson

“Location location location… a tat is for life, no regrets.”
Alexander Lana Peters

“Think. Research. And think.”
Gemma Jean

“I always say make sure it’s a tattoo that means something too you. You will never regret a tattoo that holds a special place in your heart… and research your artists! A tattoo should never be cheap. You get what you pay for.”
Vicki Mac Gregor

Photo Courtesy of Cannock Ink


  1. Reblogged this on dcpwords and commented:
    I’m starting to love Inkluded. Great blog/website. And a lot of good advice in this column. I’m getting back into getting tattoos. And, compared to a while ago, when I got my first, I feel less like I care that the tattoo is forever. I have some ideas for tattoos I want, but I’m also starting to get this impulse to go in and ask the artist about designs she’s been wanting to tattoo onto someone. If it sounds cool, I would do it. Surprise tattoos! I like that idea. But, generally, I guess I agree with folks who say they want to make sure they want something that means something to them.

    Long story short, read this blog!


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