Killer candy: an interview with tattoo model and make-up artist Mz Bones

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This is Inkluded’s first tattoo model interview, and I’m absolutely over the moon that to kick us off, I chatted to the stunning fuchsia beauty that is… Mz Bones. Here we go…

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Can you tell us a bit about you?

I’m Ali, I work as a tattooed pinup model under the name Mz Bones and also as a makeup artist and hair stylist – I run my own business called Miss Bones Makeup. I started all this about 2 years ago, I’ve always wanted to be a makeup artist but I got into modelling completely by accident.

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I think a lot of girls struggle with make-up, myself included…

My number one make-up tip would be to ask for advice! I still do this myself – if I want to learn something new, I ask another artist I admire to show me what they do or give me some tips. Find someone whose make-up you like and ask them to teach you. I teach one-to-one (and sometimes group) make-up lessons where I cover anything you’d like to learn, from creating perfect eyeliner flicks, to perfecting stage make-up looks with performers, it’s always fun to help people develop their personal style. 

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You’ve got absolutely beautiful tattoos – do you go to the same artist?

Most of my tattoos are by Miss Jo Black from Black Inc in Frome, Somerset. I love how detailed and feminine her work is, and how she can take my ideas and turn them into such beautiful pieces. I also have a backpiece by Toni Moore, we’re almost done and working on my bum at the moment, I can’t wait to see it finished. Another favourite artist of mine is Arienette Ashman, her work is gorgeous and I’m really excited to get more work done by her soon.

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Any other future ink plans?

I have a couple of existing pieces that need finishing, but after that I’m not too sure. I’ve got some smaller spaces on my legs that I’m excited to fill up, but also really I’m looking forward to getting my neck tattooed in the not too distant future – I know exactly what I want, but I’m also worried about the pain. 

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I am sure you get asked this a lot but how do you get your hair so awesomely pink – any top tips for people trying to achieve a bright hair colour?

I use a dye called ‘Killer Candy’ by Lunatik, its the best pink I’ve used! It comes out really bright and a little goes a long way, but the best part is it stays really bright after several washes which is amazing considering bright colours tend to fade really quickly. I’m afraid I also bleach my hair, which probably isn’t the best idea but it’s the only way to get it so bright, although my hairdressers are very careful with it and I have conditioning masks and treatments put on it too. 

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We have some followers who are trying to launch their careers as ‘alternative’ models – what are some of the things you’ve learnt along the way so far?

I get asked for advice about this a lot, and I always tell people to be picky about who they work with – it’s far better to have a really strong portfolio than to have a larger portfolio containing images you’re not quite happy with. Also, make-up makes a huge difference to the quality of your images, so it’s worth booking an artist to work with you on any portfolio building shoots you’re really excited about, or getting someone to teach you some looks you can create yourself. 

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What’s your biggest inspiration to keep doing what you do every day?

My biggest inspiration when it comes to my career is the fact I used to work really shitty jobs. I got so down working job after job where I just got bullied and mistreated that it got to a point where I had to get out of there and try working for myself. It definitely motivates me to put everything I can into my career, and work towards make it sustainable for the rest of my life, hopefully. 

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And the next few years… what can we expect to see from Mz Bones?

I’m trying to make my photos better and better, so look out for some really exciting images (got some up my sleeve at the moment, which I’m really excited to release soon!) I suppose more tattoos too, it’s inevitable! I’ve got a few tattoo conventions lined up, so if you want to come and say hi check out my Facebook page for more information about where I’ll be this year.

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If anyone wants to contact me about model sponsorship, shoots or making a booking for hair & makeup (I’m always happy to work on weddings – alternative or otherwise, I love bridal beauty looks – prom, birthdays, hen nights, other special occasion makeovers as well as lessons, photoshoots & music video jobs) drop me an email at You can find my work online here:

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Last question… If you could do one other job, other than what you’re doing now, what would it be?

I really don’t know… I think I have the best job in the world! 

Photos: Mz Bones