Why tattooist Costah is always thinking outside of the box

Artist Nuno Costah has been travelling Europe – not just to tattoo his own work but to discover, interview and film some of the world’s best tattoo artists.

Costah’s style is directly influenced by his illustrations and watercolour drawings – he utilises bright colours, splashes and watercolour effects. Whether it’s guesting in a shop or at a convention, you can find him pottering between France, Switzerland, Belgium, England or Germany… to name a few.

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In 2012, he created Graphique Tattoo Artists, with the goal of developing a list of tattoo artists who specialise in styles of illustration and watercolor style. Inspired by the art he discovered, he decided to launch a series of video interviews called ‘Out Of The Box’, and get to know the artists he would meet along the his travels.

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“An artist will offer me a space, during my travels, where I can work as a guest artist in their shop – that’s when I take the opportunity to film them, speak to their customers and gain an insight into their world,” he told Inkluded.

Costah wanted to launch this project to give people a glimpse into the lifestyle of tattoo artists. “People don’t just see the artists tattoo in the videos,” he says, “but learn about and explore their other passions and influences such as music.”

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Visit Costah’s website to find out more about his art, and watch all four videos below. Hopefully there will be more to come!