The semicolon tattoo project continues: charity day at World of Ink

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Recently, I told you all about The Semicolon Project and how people were getting tattoos to show their support and raise awareness of depression and anxiety.

This week, I caught up with World of Ink in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, who dedicated a whole weekend to the project.

Tattoo artists Sharon Varela-Collis and Steve Abberley were offering £20 semicolon tattoos, with all proceeds going to MIND and the Samaritians.

“We wanted to get involved to raise awareness of something which touches so many people, myself included,” Sharon told Inkluded. “Anxiety, depression and mental illness… scratch the surface and you come to realise it’s so common but nobody really talks about it. We really felt the need to do something.”

“Being a tattooist I’ve found that I get a bond with people. You spend a few hours in close proximity to someone, so you inevitably talk, about many things. People tell you their problems and sometimes it’s like being an agony aunt too. Many clients become really great friends with us, which is a fantastic blessing.”

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