Interview with tattooist David Brace

Recently I introduced you to sister studios Cannock Ink and Sutton Ink, and all they have to offer.

With a team of dedicated, creative artists and a busy, friendly studio, they pride themselves on the strong relationships they develop with their clients.

I promised you future little glimpses into their magnificent world, and so far I have interviewed lovely apprentice Kate Van Doren, and tattoo artist Adam Thomas.

This month, I’ve returned to Cannock Ink to talk to artist David Brace (Brasso Tattoo).

David Brace 11  David Brace 3

How would you describe your style?

I only need two word to describe my style… organised chaos.

I like the idea of taking all aspects and styles of painting, and transferring them into a tattoo. I still keep the brush stroke recognisable, and let my tattoos include little brush marks and paint clusters. I like to combine watercolour, oil painting and spray-painting, all in one place.

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Who are your favourite tattoo artists?

My top five artists are Ivana Tattoo ArtRussel Van SchaickKris BuschingMike Dargas and Timur lysenko.

Do you have a favourite tattoo out of the ones you have created?

I don’t really have a favourite. Every tattoo I do, I manage to find something in it I wish I could change, which in turn keeps me going forward and learning from each piece.

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Is there anything you would change about tattooing?

The way people look at tattoos and their decisions to get one. I understand not everyone loves art but surely that should be the motivation behind getting one – not because a friend got one, or a celebrity.

If you could do anything else other than tattooing what would it be?

I would probably go back into stone masonry and continue stone-etching and carvings. It was an awesome job and a skill-set I have never forgotten… and still use now.

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What are some of the things you learnt launching yourself as an artist? Any advice for someone at the start of their journey as a tattoo artist?

The most important thing to remember when establishing yourself is that you are a small fish in a large ocean. Never think you are on the top of your game. There are always people out there to learn from – never stop looking at your career like a child… wide-eyed and absorbing everything you can. Getting your work seen is not easy but don’t focus on that… just enjoy making it and in turn that will happen.

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Words: Beccy Rimmer
Photography: David Brace