We asked why you love tattoos and here’s what you said

A few weeks ago, I ran a competition for you to win some free goodies. To enter, you had to tell us on Facebook why you love your tattoos. 73 people told 73 beautiful stories, and I just had to share excerpts of our favourites because some of them were just so poignant, moving and touching… awww, you guys!

Why do you love your tattoos?

“They give me a sense of individuality.”

“They show my pain.”

“They give me a positive self image.”

“I wouldn’t change them for the world.”

“They are my life.”

“Each of them represents a massive milestone in my life.”

“They are mine.”

“They are memories I won’t forget.”

“They are traditional. Unlike my morals.”

“They are me. And I love me.”

“They continue to grow and age as I do.”

“They express individuality and creativity. they made me the person I am today.”

“They’re unique.”

“They tell my story of who I am and why.”

“They remind me of a young, mad and carefree girl that I was.”

“When my time has ended, tattoo come with.”

“They allow me to express myself.”

“They make me who I am.”

“It reminds me that I control my body and that it doesn’t control me. I choose how my life will be.”

“They represent me.”

“They fit my personality.”

“Tattoos show my personality without me moving or speaking.”

“They make me unique.”

“They allow me to connect with people.”

“They show off the talent in the work.”

“They tell a life story, experiences, ambitions, dreams.”

“They are my individual signs of love and hope.”

“Each one of them freeze frames a moment in time.”

“They are a way to have a memorial to people no longer here.”

“They keep my family close to my heart even when they are not near.”

“They add a confidence and depth to my character. They inspire and give me strength.”

“They remind me of great memories.”

“They make me an individual.”

“They are my babies.”

“It reminds me of my youth.”

“They are personal and meaningful.”

“They are the sweet reminders of stages of life.”

“They are important to me.”

Inkluded 5 Anna Rickards

Illustration: Anna Rickards
Words: Beccy Rimmer