Linear connection: an interview with tattoo artist Sanne Vaghi

Sanne Vaghi‘s tattoos aren’t like anything I have seen before. I’m truly thrilled to be sharing her work, along with a quick Q&A with the artist herself.

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Hi! Tell Inkluded readers who you are.

I’m Sanne Vaghi, I was born in the Netherlands, where in 2008 I graduated from the Art Academy in Rotterdam, after studying Illustration and Fine Arts. Before and during my studies, I had a great interest in tattooing. After graduation I worked at several studios, before moving to Berlin in 2011. Since than I have been living and working in Berlin, traveling for guest spots and conventions a few times a year.

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How long have you been tattooing?

I got interested in tattooing a long time ago, David Kotker was the artist who made one of my first tattoos and got me into tattooing. As I was studying illustration at the time I decided to finish art school first, my main focus on tattooing and the apprenticeships started after my graduation.

Would you say you have a particular style of tattooing?

Yes but even I find it hard to describe. It’s non-linear, abstract, line work, mixed with watercolor and a focus on structures.

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What do you love most about your job?

I love the connection you can have with the client. As I work manly with custom designs, there’s the challenge to “see” the image that the customer has in mind. To be able to make that happen on skin, and have the client telling you it is exactly what they wanted, is very rewarding.

What inspires you?

I think my love for art and music has a great influence. The music I listen too when I draw feeds me, it helps me to create.

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What are your dreams for the next few years?

That I will be able to evolve my work. Not just technically, but also in the concepts for my designs. I have some very nice guest spots planned this year, where I will work with artists that I respect a lot. Being able to work next to those artists, I hope, will inspire me and teach me more about my own skills.

In the last year or so, I’ve had many clients trusting in me, my work and asking me for freehand designs. This feels amazing – it allows me to put new aspects into my designs and shape the tattoo in a way that makes it a completely individual piece.

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Words: Beccy
Photography: Sanne Vaghi

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