Meet the misfits: Dharma Tattoo flash day announced

Dharma Misfits Day

Back in June, I blogged about a tattoo experience I had with artist Dave Condon. Since then I have interviewed the whole team at Dharma Tattoo who are creating their own clubhouse rules and re-claiming everything we love about tattoo street shop life. Anyway, more of that to follow in a few months.

In the meantime, this is what they are up to. Next Thursday 13th August they are hosting a Misfits Flash Day.

Dharma Tattoo Misfits

From 12 noon until late, artists Miles Monaghan, Dave Condon and Chris Graham will be tattooing for charity, using designs from Misfits-themed flash sheets, at a fixed price of £40 per tattoo with all proceeds going to two charities close to their hearts.

“These charities support misfits just like us,” says shop manager Sally Reynolds. “The guys will be tattooing late into the night, so head down to Roman Road whenever you can make it. It’s going to be a great day filled with Misfits music, lots of great tattoos and raising awareness for two important causes. If you don’t want a tattoo, but still want to support the charities, we will also be accepting donations. Come and help us support the misfits!”

About The Charities:

Bow Haven Logo

A great local charity based across the street from Dharma Tattoo, BowHaven is a user-run mental health centre based in Tower Hamlets set up in 2003. It has several groups for mental health service users and encourages them to use available buy viagra delhi space at the centre. The aim is to promote and protect the health, confidence and wellbeing of people with mental health issues living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Doing this through the provision of user-led support, education and self help activities, in a safe and friendly environment, and to advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to mental health issues.

Stone Wall Logo

Stonewall runs a project to reduce homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools. Stonewall was originally set up to push for legislative change around Section 28, a Thatcherite piece of legislation that said it was illegal to “promote homosexuality” in schools. This was successfully repealed, and Stonewall moved on to equality in marriage and the age of consent. When both of those were achieved it started working with the British Forces and the police, and aims to reduce homophobia in companies across the UK. Stonewall still works with companies who are concerned they may have an atmosphere that is hostile to LGBT people. Currently in the UK over 50% of gay people will try to harm/kill themselves at school, and that is where Stonewall comes in. It exists to help make the world a safer place for LGBT people, and its slogan is “acceptance without exception”.

Dharma Logo

Dharma Tattoo, 529 Roman Road, Bow, London, E3 5EL

Words: Beccy Rimmer
Photography: Dharma Tattoo