Tattooed tees: interview with Anchor and Rose

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Anchor and Rose London are an original design company offering handmade and custom clothing created by University student, Harry Styczynski. Inkluded’s Kayla grabbed an opportunity to speak to Harry about his artwork, tattoos and growing a brand from scratch.

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

Kayle Sutcliffe: Hi Harry. Tell us about Anchor and Rose.

Harry Styczynski: It all stemmed from my interest in art and design. For me, it’s therapeutic to sit down with a beer and pen and just doodle! I’ve always enjoyed using pen and ink, although I enjoy all medias of art. I now study Product Design in my third year at University and Anchor and Rose London began in March 2014. I had a bundle of drawings sitting around but nothing to do with them, so it seemed like a good idea… even though I had no idea how to go about it. It’s definitely been a ‘learn along the way’ sort of thing, but it’s been a lot of fun!

KS: What made you want to start the company?

HS: To begin with, Anchor and Rose London was established as a personal hobby of my own, to develop my marketing and business skills, as well as have the pleasure of knowing that individuals were wearing my artwork when they’re out and about! The brand has since caught the interest of all age ranges. Every design is hand-drawn and takes inspiration from everyday life, creating pieces relatable to all, but unique to Anchor and Rose. We’ve become not just another brand but a community, listening to our supporters and making more than just clothes.

Anchor and Rose 5

KS: How does the manufacturing process work?

HS: It’s a long process, even if it doesn’t look it! After hours of drawing, scanning and rendering on Photoshop, the files are ready for print. The designs have been outsourced to printing press companies in the past but we’ve since begun printing the artwork ourselves so that we have full control over the outcome of the items.

Anchor and Rose 6 Inkluded Tattoo Blog

KS: Outside of Anchor and Rose, what are your interests?

HS: I enjoy a lot of other things whenever there’s time for it! As the brand is individually-run by me, there is always something to do. Managing the art, social media accounts and website takes a fair amount of time.

I do however enjoy playing football. I also love spending my time tinkering with DIY projects, can u buy viagra over the counter in the uk designing for other businesses as a freelance designer, and releasing some steam by going on my motocross bikes and quads.

Anchor and Rose 9 Anchor and Rose 10 Inkluded Tattoo Blog

KS: I saw your offer of one-off tattoo designs on Twitter – tell us more.

HS: I’ve been designing for a while now and have taken Anchor Rose London to a few tattoo conventions in Manchester and London. A lot of people have asked if we design tattoos but the answer was always no… until now! I’m offering the chance for individuals to have unique tattoos designed in whatever style they’d like. As I’ve just begun offering this service, the price is low (hint, hint)!

I guess I’m not just designing tattoos. I’m offering to design anything! You name it, I’ll draw it.

Anchor and Rose 11 Inkluded Tattoo Blog

KS: Do you have tattoos yourself?

HS: A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I actually don’t have any tattoos. I may do in the future but at the moment, my tattoo ideas usually end up on a t-shirt for others to wear!

KS: Do you have a particular artist in mind when you take the plunge for your first tattoo?

HS: I’ve met a fair few at conventions and there are so many amazing artists worth checking out. Lee Harris has a particularly cool style.

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

KS: What is the one possession that you just can’t live without?

HS: I don’t think I can answer that! I’m a bit of an ‘Apple’ hoarder and own way too much art equipment!

KS: Do you have any upcoming offers or events where Inkluded followers can see your work?

HS: We’re soon going to be launching a new range which is well worth checking out! It’s best to give us a follow on Twitter (@anchorandroseld), as all upcoming events and offers will be posted there.

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

KS: Lastly, what are your future goals for Anchor and Rose London?

HS: The main goal is to be recognised by thousands and have the opportunity to be stocked by a popular store. At the moment it’s difficult to be recognised, which is why we’re always working overtime to push the brand further. We’d love to be able to grow the brand and be able to offer more and more items of clothing for people to wear.

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

Words: Kayla Sutcliffe
Photography: Anchor and Rose, London (or credited above)

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