Meet the Inked Palette tattoo artists: photographer Niall Patterson

Saturday 3 October will see the opening of our tattoo artist exhibition, Inked Palette.

Created in collaboration with Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa, the exhibition will run for 3 weeks and showcase the work of tattoo artists all over the UK.

The artists are creating custom artwork on a variety of materials – rather than skin, they’re making work on paper, ceramic, canvas, and more. All artists are still working on their pieces, and they won’t be revealed until the exhibition opens.

Inked Palette will also include a section on tattoo photography, curated by Niall Patterson. I’ve interviewed Niall on the blog before, to raise awareness of his tattoo photography project, but today, I quiz him about why he said yes to being part of this exhibition.

We hope you can come on down this October to explore the work these artists are creating for you.

Name: Niall Patterson  
Photographing: 8 Years
Location: The Flash Centre, Aston, Birmingham

Niall Patterson 2

Thank you for offering to be part of our exhibition! What made you say yes to being involved?

I have followed Inkluded from the very beginning, being asked to be part of the blog’s first gallery show was an exciting thing, and I am honoured to be part of it. To be able to display my tattoo photography project, Beauty Is Not Only Ink Deep, alongside so many amazing artists… how can I say no to an opportunity like that?

Have you ever had your work exhibited before?

A few years ago I exhibited at a show called Emerging 0.1, at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Since then, I have launched my project and so now to be able to showcase this is great.

What will you be displaying?

I am choosing a selection of images from the Beauty Is Not Only Skin Deep photoshoots. There are a select few that I know I definitely want to display.

Niall Patterson 3

What does tattooing mean to you, in one word?


What is the one thing you love most about what you do?

Meeting amazing people and capturing their beauty in one frame.

Describe what are means to you in one word.


Niall Patterson 6

What are you looking forward to the most?

Being able to work alongside such great artists.

Is there anything you want people looking at your photography to take away from it? 

The thinking behind my whole project is to encourage people to see that beauty is inside of a person, no matter what they, or their artwork looks like.

Anything else you want to share with the public?

Beauty is not only ink deep…

Niall Patterson 8