Meet the Inked Palette tattoo artists: James Bull

Created in collaboration with Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa, the exhibition will run for 3 weeks and showcase the work of tattoo artists all over the UK.

The artists are creating custom artwork on a variety of materials – rather than skin, they’re making work on paper, ceramic, canvas, and more. All artists are still working on their pieces, and they won’t be revealed until the exhibition opens.

Until then, we’d like to give you the chance to meet each tattoo artist here on Inkluded, see their tattoos and hear about their experiences as artists.

We hope you can come on down this October to explore the work they’re creating for you.

Name: James Bull
Tattoo Style: Japanese / Oriental
Tattooing: 2.5 Years
Location: O’ Happy Dagger Tattoo, Amersham

James Bull 2

Thank you for offering to be part of our exhibition! What made you say yes to being involved?

I like pretty pictures.

Have you ever had your work exhibited before?

Yes a while back, when I first started my ‘apprenticeship’, I exhibited my work alongside a friends’ – we both had very different styles… I have to say my work was very basic in comparison.

James Bull 3

Tell us about what you’re planning to display.

I’m displaying work done specifically for this to buy viagra online exhibition. I don’t get a great deal of time unfortunately to paint, so have nothing previous that is ready to display.

Describe tattooing in one word.


James Bull 5

What’s the one thing you love most about your job?

Being able to create an image for a customer in my own style, whilst staying true to traditions and rules that go alongside Japanese tattooing.

Describe what art means to you in one word.


James Bull 7 James Bull 8 James Bull 9

Do you want people looking at your work to take anything away from it?

I guess it would be great to have somebody look at something I have created and think to themselves how different it is, like it enough to tell people about it, or even just sit and look at it for a while. As long as it’s not just dismissed, I’ll be happy.

What’s your creative process when putting a piece of artwork together? 

I’m not sure if I really have one to be honest. I intend to think of ideas and store the mental image until I get time to draw it – sometimes I have a mental back log of ideas!

Anything else you want to share with the public?

Be creative! Be pro-active! Express yourself!

James Bull 10 James Bull 11  James Bull