Meet the Inked Palette tattoo artists: Alex Stark

Saturday 3 October will see the opening of our tattoo artist exhibition, Inked Palette.

Created in collaboration with Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa, the exhibition will run for 3 weeks and showcase the work of tattoo artists all over the UK.

The artists are creating custom artwork on a variety of materials – rather than skin, they’re making work on paper, ceramic, canvas, and more. All artists are still working on their pieces, and they won’t be revealed until the exhibition opens.

Until then, we’d like to give you the chance to meet each tattoo artist here on Inkluded, see their tattoos and hear about their experiences as artists.

We hope you can come on down this October to explore the work they’re creating for you.

Name: Alex Stark
Tattoo Style: Oriental / Geometric and Realism
Tattooing: 12 Years
Location: The Tattooed Arms, Lincoln, UK

Alex Stark 2

Thank you for offering to be part of our exhibition! What made you say yes to being involved? 

I don’t get much opportunity to paint anymore these days so it is a good excuse to get some new work done. My interest in travel, geometric design and Indian artwork has played a huge part in my drawing and tattooing over recent years and it’s nice to explore it with different mediums.

Have you ever had your work exhibited before? 

I haven’t, no.

Alex Stark 3

Tell us about what you’re planning to display.

I am creating a new piece for the show inspired by the story of the Ramayana. Here is a bit of a teaser of what it will look like…

Alex Stark

What does tattooing mean to you, in one word.


Alex Stark 4

What’s the one thing you love most about your job? 


Describe what art means to you, in one word. 


Alex Stark 5

What are you looking forward to the most, by being part of this exhibition?

Creating something new and seeing other artists work.

Is there anything you want people looking at your artwork to take away from it?

I’d like the artwork to spark an interest in Hindu culture and the elaborate stories that surround it. It is such an inspiring cultural phenomenon.

Alex Stark 9

What’s your creative process, when putting a piece of artwork together?

I don’t have a specific process, I am simply inspired by what interests me. With no client at the end of the process, I am not limited to what I create.

Anything else you want to share with us, or tell the public? 

Experimentation is the key to artistic evolution.

Alex Stark 6