Meet the Inked Palette tattoo artists: Cry

Saturday 3 October will see the opening of our tattoo artist exhibition, Inked Palette.

Created in collaboration with Deasil Art Gallery in Leamington Spa, the exhibition will run for 3 weeks and showcase the work of tattoo artists all over the UK.

The artists are creating custom artwork on a variety of materials – rather than skin, they’re making work on paper, ceramic, canvas, and more. All artists are still working on their pieces, and they won’t be revealed until the exhibition opens.

Until then, we’d like to give you the chance to meet each tattoo artist here on Inkluded, see their tattoos and hear about their experiences as artists.

We hope you can come on down this October to explore the work they’re creating for you.

Name: (Nicola) Cry
Tattoo Style: Illustrative / Sketchy / Neo-traditional 
Tattooing: 1.5 Years
Location: Ink Me Tattoo Studios, Sutton

Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 9

Thank you for offering to be part of our exhibition! What made you say yes to being involved? Have you ever had your work exhibited before?

It’s been a while since I’ve shown in an exhibition, I get asked a fair bit but never seem to have the time to produce work that’s for ‘me’ as opposed to painting commissions or designs for tattoo clients. Paying the bills becomes paramount and it’s easy to lose sight of why I make art in the first place… for the love of it. So exhibiting is a good way to keep my creative mind exercised. Shows offer their own challenges and as much as the work itself is approached in the same way, they are an opportunity to take my work to a different level, if I should so choose.

Tell us about what you’re planning to display.

I like to produce new work for shows as I see exhibitions as a chance to evolve, every time. Having said that, I’ve never been involved in a show that was tattoo related before, as I am from a graffiti and fine art background. I have a lot of tattoo designs and drawings that don’t see the light of day; I may base something around them.

Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 7 Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 15

What does tattooing mean to you, in one word?


What do you love about your job?

I get to do something I love every day. I’m faced with new design challenges on a daily basis – inspiration flows and ideas are triggered, constantly, as a result.

If I stop, even for a minute, then I’m done for. I feel like the ideas will dry up and I’ll disappear into the land of box sets where you’ll never hear from me again. Tattooing is good for me, I need the discipline in order to free up my head! Paradox.

Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 14 Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 13

Describe what art means to you in one word.


What are you looking forward to the most, by being part of this exhibition? 

Shows are like relays with yourself. The gun fires and you race to the next point, only, instead of there being someone else waiting to take the baton to the next stage, it’s you yourself waiting and you have to race again to the next point, to reach yourself. It’s all work in progress. Each exhibition is a race won that qualifies you for the next… the prize is wine and canapés!

Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 8 Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 11

Is there anything you want people looking at your artwork to take away from it? 

I’m not fussed what others think of my art, it’s how I feel about it that’s important.

What’s your creative process when making something for an exhibition as opposed to a tattoo design?

The creative process is much the same to start with, except I find I probably delve more deeply into what I’m doing, the client being myself. It’s me that has to be satisfied and the only restrictions I have are the ones I place on myself.

Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 6 Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 4 Nicola Cry, Sutton Ink 3