Adorning the body: the Aleatorium tattoo project by Szymon Gdowicz


Kraków-based tattoo artist Szymon Gdowicz has launched his exciting new art project – Aleatorium.

In an empty plastic tent, Szymon’s canvas lies naked and is gradually covered in dark ink. In an organic, artist process, far away from the tattoo studio, he covers the body in streams and splatters of black ink to create a randomly beautiful graphic patterns. His intention as an artist is to have a very intimate relationship between model and artist, as the man’s body physically replaces Szymon’s canvas.

For the artist, the ink splatters resemble calligraphy, or even blog. “The damp ink covering the smooth skin is likely making it shiver, dark streams dripping over the body tickle and irritate, leaving a graphic mark of disturbing touch,” says the Aleatorium website.

Now, onto stage two – as the accidental stains are then tattooed to become a permanent mark on the man’s body. Leaving him with a permanent reminder of the time he spent under Szymon’s brush.

The project has allowed Szymon to completely break away from the traditional form of tattooing, the normal process of copying a design. “The tattoo becomes as unique as the body it adorns”.

Find out more and watch the video:

Aleatorium 2 Aleatorium 3 Aleatorium 4 Aleatorium 5 Aleatorium 6 Aleatorium 7 Aleatorium 8 Aleatorium 9