Nebula Tattoo announce charity tattoo marathon for autism

Nebula Tattoo Charity 3

Jessica from Nebula Tattoo in Burry Port, South Wales, has something she wants to share with you all…

“Hi Inkluded readers! I just wanted to tell you about a Charity Tattoo Marathon we are doing at Nebula Tattoo on Friday 13th November, 2015. Last June we did a similar event – a 13 hour tattoo marathon. On Friday 13th we did £13 tattoos all day with every penny going to local charity Active for Autism, which is dedicated to helping children with Autism so they have the appropriate resources and aid available to them. It was an amazing day and we raised can i purchase viagra online over £1,300 which was more than we ever thought!

So, this November, we’re doing it again! But this time, bigger. Three artists (William, Niamh and Shaun), 13 hours, £13 tattoos and all happening on Nebula Tattoo’s 2nd birthday. We are keen to make this huge, and try to raise even more money and see a lot more people through the door.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more news, and we hope to see you there!”

Jessica Strange, Nebula Tattoo

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