A successful Inked Palette tattoo exhibition launch night

Saturday night saw the launch of our tattoo artist exhibition, Inked Palette.

Three months ago, me (Beccy!) and Kate Livingston (Deasil Art Gallery) went for a pint in a local pub in Leamington Spa and discussed the idea of hosting an exhibition about tattooing.

It was a very long process establishing what we wanted this event to achieve – there have been tattoo exhibitions in the past, at conventions and national galleries, and all with very different focuses. We said to each other, what do we want this exhibition to accomplish, that previous similar tattoo showcases have not?

We both had motives in our head that seemed to go well together…

Since opening their art gallery, Deasil co-owners Kate and Kate have had a clear ambition that has set them apart from other galleries in the region. They’re always looking to reach new audiences who might not normally step foot into an art gallery. They believe that art should be inclusive and accessible no matter what your knowledge, background or experience is. They believe, art should be free to access, it should bring people together and should always remain fresh and inspiring. They change their exhibitions every three weeks, they keep people on their toes by always offering something new and interesting. They make decisions on what to display here by only choosing to display work that might change people’s perception of what ‘art’ is.

Running Inkluded, I also have a strong mission. I have always believed that tattoo art should be accessible to a wide audience, and there should be more permanent places that offer information, education and inspiration. There are many misconceptions and misrepresentations out there about what tattooing is. Outdated stereotypes, media shock stories, buy viagra online mastercard dramatic television shows – the mass general public is fed information about this artistic industry that’s not necessarily accurate. Inkluded aims to interact with tattoo artists to produce an industry viewpoint that’s respectful and truthful, and above all celebrates and showcases the unbelievable artwork that’s being created all day, every day, in this country.

That’s why we decided to curate an exhibition, by selecting 16 of the UK’s finest artists and asking them to create artwork outside of their day-to-day tattooing. The brief to them: create what you want, on whatever material you want, however you want.

This exhibition exists to celebrate tattooists as artists. Using your talent to create pieces of art for other people, is a selfless act, and we wanted to give something back to that artist community by giving the opportunity for new creations. Curating this exhibition has created a new community of artists that all hold a similar beliefs and attitudes towards what they do, and now, all their work sits under one roof… that’s a pretty cool thing.

You have until 23rd October to come on down to Leamington Spa to see these beautiful pieces of artwork.

Read more about the exhibition on the Inkluded website, plan your visit and come and see us!

Event photography by JustJodie Photography.

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