Myra Brodsky is the tattoo grande dame of Berlin

“Anything from the past has a big influence on my work.” Myra Brodsky.

Myra Brodsky is the Grande Dame of the Berlin tattoo scene – she is the former owner of The Decay Parlour in Berlin and an illustrator whose work is known far and wide. Born to a casino owning mother and a pinball machine tycoon father, Myra studied visual communication at university before falling into tattooing by accident.

In 2008, a friend at art school gave her a tattoo machine, and after four years of self practice, Brodsky developed her own illustration and tattoo style. Her tattoo career began at her brothel-themed tattoo parlour, which ran from 2012-2014. After brief stints in New York City, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, today, she works at the Black Mirror Parlour in Berlin.

Her new book (featuring her previous tattoo work) will be released this year, and she is also working towards the first solo exhibition of her work during Berlin Fashion Week in 2016.

Myra has a guest spot at Seven Doors Tattoo in London 15th – 17th October.

birdy_MyraBrodsky kitty_MyraBrodsky MyraBrodsky_2 MyraBrodsky_4 MyraBrodsky_5 MyraBrodsky_fish (1500x1321) MyraBrodsky_hand (1500x1365) MyraBrodsky_heart (1432x1500) MyraBrodsky_moth MyraBrodsky_owl (1500x1394) MyraBrodsky_Squirrel (1500x1473) MyraBrodsky