Keely Rutherford is the queen of halloween tattoos

Keely Rutherford 15

To me, the magic of Halloween is found in anything that can successfully bring together ‘the spooky’ and ‘the cute’.

Cartoon films, kids’ decorations, silly arts and crafts… I’m a big wimp, so Halloween to me isn’t about gory horror, but embracing anything fun, sparkly and colourful.

That’s why, the tattoo artist who completely nails capturing what I love about this season is… Keely Rutherford.

I’m in the process of booking in my first tattoo with Keely (hurrah, I have been talking about doing this for too long now!) and am already counting down the days.

In the meantime, I wanted to catch up with the queen of spookily cute to quiz her about all things Halloween! Obviously, whilst also sharing some of her sparkliest, scariest Halloween tattoos… all oozing with that vivid radiance that makes a true Keely Rutherford tattoo.

Here goes…

Keely Rutherford 23

What is your favourite Halloween film?

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat! So would have to say Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie or The Addams Family is a classic! I wish I could watch Halloween, but Michael Myers would give me sleepless nights! Even though he looks bad ass!

Keely Rutherford 22

What is your favourite thing to do at Halloween?

Dress up, party & drink gin! What more could you want? Maybe ruin a poor pumpkin’s little life too, and eat some sweeties! 

You’re going to a fancy dress party, what do you go as? 

Hmmm, depends how much time I’ve had! I can normally rustle up a dead doll pretty last minute! I’m a nightmare at planning, even though you have a whole year! Let’s just say I’d go as… anything dead. 

Keely Rutherford Keely Rutherford 2

You have just found out that you have magical powers. What’s the first thing you do with them?

Make it rain. Glitter.

Who is your favourite iconic witch?

Grotbags! She’s the first witch I remember watching as a kid in the 80s. 

Keely Rutherford 3 Keely Rutherford 8

Favourite Halloween food?

The eyeball sweets with the runny middle! 

Bats or cats?

Cats, always! You can’t cuddle a bat.

Tell us something Halloween-y you’d like to tattoo but haven’t yet?

A kawaii Michael Myers… I’d watch Halloween then.

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Keely is based at Jolie Rouge Tattoo in London.

Visit Keely’s Tumblr Page.

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Words: Beccy Rimmer
Photos: Keely Rutherford