It’s our 1st birthday today!

Happy Birthday Inkluded

Tattoo by Sarah K Tattoo.

This month marks one year exactly since I launched this tattoo blog – Inkluded. 

In early November 2014, I was sitting on the number 25 bus home (from Oxford Street to Mile End in London) and was thinking about potentially, maybe, possibly starting a blog about something. That very moment, my mum called for a catch up, and as I posed the idea to her, she said “well just think of one thing you’re interested in, that you’re passionate about… something that you could write about, and just start a blog about it”.

I shouted, “tattoos”!

If I’ve got an idea to do something, I just do it… I don’t hang about. That’s why, a week or so later, Inkluded was born.

What a year I’ve had – I’ve met so many kind-hearted and interesting human beings, organised my first exhibition, written a hell of a lot about a wide range of subjects, and learnt a shed load along the way. As I look back, I wanted to share some facts and figures from the last 12 months with you all (if there are any other statistics or analytical geeks out there who get excited about this kind of thing like I do).

Here we go…

[Statistics below based on 18 November 2014 – 4 November 2015.]


Inkluded has also given you:

  • 13 advice blog posts
  • competitions
  • 1 poem
  • 15 posts by guest bloggers (folk that aren’t ME!)

This website has had:

  • 26,261 individual visitors
  • 90 WordPress followers
  • 67 WordPress comments
  • 351 WordPress likes

Out of the people who visit the website:

  • 62% are from the UK
  • 18% are from the  USA

In fact, we have had visitors from 122 countries in total, including: Iraq, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Israel, Romania, Japan, Hong Kong, Peru and Iceland.

31% of people who come to the website, do so from search engines like Google. Most of them come from having searched for “tattoo removal cream”.

28% of people come to the website directly from Facebook.

What have been the top 5 blog posts in terms of how many people viewed them?

October was our best month in terms of website traffic, we had 9,043 views.

So what about the world of social media?

  • The Inkluded Facebook page now has 4,373 likes
  • 62% of them are women
  • Most of our followers are in London (11%) followed by Birmingham, Swansea, Wolverhampton and Manchester
  • Despite only having 4,373 likes, we have reached up to 10,047 people on Facebook in one single day
  • We receive 132,000 monthly impressions on Facebook and Twitter
  • We receive 1,800 unique user interactions on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you to every single person who has helped contribute to the website, especially the artists we’ve interviewed. Here’s to the next 12 months!

Beccy, Inkluded Founder & Editor

Inkluded Tattoo Blog

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