The weird and wonderful world of ‘Banana Ink’

Banana Ink 10

People all over the world are going bananas. Tattooing bananas, that is.

Banana Ink is a company that offer the general public the chance to see what it feels like to use a tattoo machine.

Ran by Polish tattoo enthusiast Sasky, the project has been visiting conventions and events since 2010.

At the dedicated stall, you are shown step-by-step how to tattoo on a banana using a professional machine. “I explain to people how a tattoo machine operates,” Sasky tells Inkluded.

“We talk about all the hygiene rules and educate the general public about what it takes to create a tattoo following all of the correct procedures. Tattooing is difficult work, and this buy sandoz sildenafil project aims to give people a better understanding of what is involved.”

All ages are welcome and the youngest to try their hand at Banana Ink was a 2.5 year old. “No matter what culture you come from you can get involved, whether you are a tattoo artist or just someone seeking inspiration.” says Sasky.

It all started in 2010 I started at 2010 at Kraków’s TattooFest. Five years on, Sasky has done 25 conventions so far this year, with more to come.

I ask one final important question – why bananas?

“Bananas have a big skin, they are tasty and there is no juice… almost everyone can eat banana.”

Banana Ink 17Banana Ink 15Banana Ink 4Banana Ink 2Banana Ink 13Banana Ink 7Banana Ink 12Banana Ink 6Banana Ink 16Banana InkBanana Ink 3Banana Ink 5Banana Ink 11Banana Ink 9Banana Ink 19


  1. Really love this concept! Would love to re-post this on my blog, with proper attribution to your page of course.


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