Haus of Skulls: interview and competition

Haus of Skulls 10

We love skulls. Art, tattoos, clothing design, jewellery… the skull is a universal symbol that can be re-designed and re-invented in an infinite number of ways.

But it’s not just us that can’t get enough of this cool and creepy image. Tasha, owner of Haus of Skulls, feels the same way.

We chat to the artist about her creative business, and give you the chance to WIN a free handmade skull.

Haus of Skulls 2

Hi Tasha! Tell us about you and Haus of Skulls, when did the business begin?

Although I work in the digital industry, my love of arts and crafts was always burning away at me.  I dabbled a little in the odd painting, then one day I was looking at my many skulls in my flat and had a brain wave… “I think I could make my own skulls!” 

And that was that. I spent from around April to August 2015 just playing and experimenting with different materials and paints until I was happy with the results, and in August 2015 Haus of Skulls was officially born! 

Haus of Skulls 3

So, why skulls?

I’ve just always loved skulls and skull art, which once upon a time could have been deemed a little macabre, but I think nowadays we love and embrace the skull!

What do you love most about your job?

Getting my hands dirty – being hands-on with what I’m making.  I love spending the time to transform what is initially a very un-finished piece into a carefully and lovingly-finished product. I make every single skull on a custom basis, order by order, so I really am spending the time to make each one especially for my customers, and I love that notion. 

Haus of Skulls 5

Tasha would like to offer one lucky Inkluded reader the chance to WIN a skull to the value of £35 – so any single or two-tone colour skull, splatter skull, a skull bowl or a skull candle holder.

Visit their website to browse skulls and enter the competition on our Facebook page.

 Haus of Skulls 14    Haus of Skulls 8 Haus of Skulls 6 Haus of Skulls 4

Words: Beccy Rimmer
Photos: Haus of Skulls Facebook Page

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