The tattoo diaries by Lydia Amor: sparkling magic

Handpoke tattoo by Lydia Amor.

One of our missions here at Inkluded is to give our readers an accurate insight into the world of tattoo artists that is honest, respectful and educational.

How better to do that, than to share regular blogs written by a beautifully talented UK tattoo artist immersed in the thick of it and in her first year of tattooing.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new blogger, Lydia Amor

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

What the fuck am I?

A question I ask myself probably bi-hourly. Right now, well, I’m Lydia Amor. I’m a handpoke tattoo artist. I’m a body piercer. Oh, and I really, really like sparkly trainers. I’m now also making my first ever blog entry for Inkluded (enter celebratory trumpet sound!).

I’m sitting at my station in the tattoo studio – I’m based at Sakura Tattoo in Leicester. My little safe haven, the space I create artwork from, the place I make people super happy, the counselling couch, the sparkle factory (piercing room)… my little respite from real life.

To be honest, this is my real life, and I don’t really need respite from it. My whole being is encompassed by this industry, community, witchcraft… whatever your prefer to call it.

Having a partner that also tattoos means that even home-life is based around tattoo topic. And its all super magical!

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

So why am I blogging?

To give people who aren’t working in the tattoo community a view of what it’s really like, without any TV production warping, totally from my experience and point of view.

To put across my personal views and opinions about tattoos and general life topics.

To give overviews of tattoo conventions I attend throughout the year.

To give more of an insight into the handpoke way of tattooing.

And most of all, to mildly entertain you with my thoughts.

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

The Emo Diaries

Once upon a time, there was a 12 year old little girl with black semi-permanent flashes in her hair, studded belts around her waist and checkered vans on her feet, singing her heart out to Hawthorn Heights in a bedroom full of Kerrang! posters, wishing that one day she would be just like Kat Von D, a super cool tattoo artist with the flashy celebrity life that obviously comes with it…

Fast forward a couple of years and nothing much has changed, I didn’t keep the studded belt, but I did make it to becoming a tattoo artist. Without the flashy celebrity life I once believed came with it, however. I’ve been tattooing less than a year, so maybe I’ve got that make-up line still to come?

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo


A typical day consists of grabbing coffee, coming into the shop, shaking off the rain and having a little catch up with the artists I work with.

Sorting out the bits I most likely didn’t clear up the evening before and organising designs for any bookings I have the following few days. If I don’t have any tattoos booked in that morning, this is when I’ll get to work on designing any custom pieces up for people who have left a deposit for me to design their tattoos.

Ooh, a piercing walk-in. This is where my sparkle fingers come into practice! I have a massive love for body piercing, doing it correctly, with the highest standard jewellery and not forgetting the squeaky clean customer service.

Piercing was my first love in this industry and I am still learning all the time how to make the experience better for my customers. Whether that be new techniques, new jewellery types or generally freshening up my skill set. I will always believe that nothing can beat a good, clean, professionally made, well-healed piercing.

Hurray for the sparkly bits!

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

In the afternoon, if I have a tattoo booked in, I’ll set up about half an hour before my appointment to make sure I’m ready and prepared. The next few hours are my favourite… getting to know my customer and creating something beautiful for them.

With my technique, it can be a bit of a slower process. Most people find their time with me relaxing, despite my shit music taste (think Lady GaGa, Korean pop and all the pop punk tunes on one playlist… yeah, sorry).

Each person I tattoo seems to give me a new outlook or opinion on something. It’s a really positive experience for both me and my client. I’l write more in depth about my tattooing technique in another post.

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

At the end of the day I tidy up my station and catch up with everyone in the studio. We usually stay for a little bit at the end of the day and sometimes grab food together.

Our shop is closely connected to another tattoo studio in the city, Brothers Ink H.Q., were like a family shared between two shops! We host drawing nights together and get together for projects and collaborations, it’s awesome!

Then I go home with my Mike Love, we make forts and eat pizza and go on adventures. Then I come to work the next day and start it all over again!

Well, I suppose that’s a sufficient introduction to me. There’s so much more to say, and hopefully you’l get to know me a little better over the next few weeks and months. 

If you’ve continued reading this far, thanks mate!

Follow me on Instagram or find my Facebook page.

Lydia Amor Handpoke Tattoo

Intro: Beccy Rimmer
Photos: Lydia Amor

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