Inkluded quoted in Daily Mirror article

Photo on The Mirror website.

Photo on The Mirror website.

Last week, we were the first to publish a story about why tattooists and individuals were speaking up about E4’s show Tattoo Fixers.

Yesterday these stories hit national news and have (so far) been featured on The Mirror and The Sun websites.

The Mirror states:

“Professional artists have launched a ‘F**k Tattoo Fixers’ campaign, calling for the ‘exploitative’ TV show to be axed.

The campaign, featured on the prestigious Tattoo blog Inkluded, claims the show often portrays poor cover-up work and dirty conditions.

Enraged artists, who are printing T-shirts and encouraging others to come forward with their verdicts on the tattoos, took to Facebook in droves after a transgender woman asked for a masculine tattoo to be covered up on her chest.”

There have been more news articles since this post was published – they are all referenced at the bottom of our our original article here.

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