The tattoo diaries by Lydia Amor: the brighter side of suffering

One of our missions here at Inkluded is to give our readers an accurate insight into the world of tattoo artists that is honest, respectful and educational. That’s why, a couple of weeks ago, we introduced our new blogger, Lydia Amor.

If you missed her first blog post, catch-up here.

As a first year tattoo artist, I’m still figuring a lot out: my style, inspirations, techniques, my limitations, who killed 2Pac? There’s a lot going on in my tiny, yet vast, glittery mind.

I’ve started experimenting with digital techniques and mocking up my designs on body parts, seeing what I like the look of and where my designs could go…

Titties! I want to tattoo a lot of them.

Most of my designs are based around and inspired by mandalas and repeating patterns. I’ve found that a lot of pieces I have drawn up already just so happen to work beautifully in this area. I’m yet to tattoo my first one, so if you’re a willing victim and have a boob (or pair of) that you would like decorating, drop me an email on

Design by Lydia Amor.

Design by Lydia Amor.

Anyway, let’s rewind…

This week started off with a visit from a good friend, TNA Impact wrestler Bram! He came over to Brothers Ink H.Q. in Leicester to get both feet tattooed by Mike Love and Paul Haines. Craaaazy guy, who the fuck gets both feet tattooed at the same time???

Often dubbed as ‘The Human Hate Machine’ or ‘The Chesterfield Plague’, the 6ft-something bearded brute is actually not so scary when out of the ring (don’t tell him I said that). He’s adorned his feet with a sick hand poke T-Rex from Mike and a dripping pentagram from Paul. Bruuutal. Watch him cause carnage every Sunday night on TNA Impact, 9pm, Challenge TV.

We also took him to Peter Pizzeria in Leicester which is a MUST if you’re in our ends… amazing pizza and good vibez.

Lydia Amor Lydia Amor 2

OK, back to boobs.

I’ve been working on a few under-bust and sternum tattoos recently and I’m really loving it! I’m enjoying the challenge of getting pieces to compliment the individuals anatomy, there’s so much you can do with the space. I think a lot of artists under-rate the area!

A large, relatively flat canvas with opportunity to make a beautifully fitting piece. Lovely stuff! If you’re thinking of getting the area tattooed, find an artist who will custom create a design specifically for you and your anatomy.

Lydia Amor 6

I’ve also been thinking quite a lot this week about the photos I take of tattoos and piercings. I really need to learn more about taking a good quality image! I’ve been messing around with cameras, lighting and backdrops quite a bit so hopefully you’ll start seeing some good quality images of my work soon if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. If anybody has any tips they’d like to give I would be more than happy to hear from you!

Being a tattooist is so much more than just tattooing. Obviously that’s the most important part, but as technology is becoming more and more a part of our every waking hour, it’s also becoming a vital part of our role. Having strong social networking pages can be massively beneficial for reaching out to potential customers and networking with other artists. It’s not just about your tattoo skill as a new artist anymore, branding yourself well is also a big part of it all.

Lydia Amor… handpoke tattooist, piercer, blogger, artist, photographer, social network manager. What will I pick up next week?

Lydia Amor 3

Intro: Beccy Rimmer
Words: Lydia Amor
Photos: Lydia Amor

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