Nicola Fucili UK guest spot and Inkluded print giveaway

Nicola F

Nicola Fucili, aka Brand Eser, is a tattoo artist from Berlin (Chorus Tattoo).

He’s in the UK this week, guesting at Brothers Ink H.Q.

Mike Love from the Leicester-based studio said “we have Nicola here with us this week and his work is insane. His work is so distinctive and different – I look up to him massively. Come and get a tattoo from him while he is here!”

For bookings with Nicola email him on

COMPETITION! Nicola is also going to be giving one lucky Inkluded reader a load of free prints and original paintings. Enter on Facebook!

Nicola F 2Nicola F 3 Nicola F 4 Nicola F 8 Nicola F 5 Nicola F 9 Nicola F 7

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