Our favourite tattoo-inspired baby wear

Tattoo artist Kat Winifred has been taking a break from tattooing because she’s been busy. Busy giving birth to, and hanging out with, her new cute dude Finley.

Whilst on maternity leave, as well as creating designs for Inkluded’s new store, she’s been getting her head into writing some blogs for us.

Inkluded has always worked closely with Kat – she created work for our exhibition last year, and has written articles for us before – you can catch-up here.

Yep, we love her.

As a new regular blogger for Inkluded, of course, her first official post had to be around one subject, and one subject only…

Since having a baby myself, I have a new-found appreciation for baby clothes, which got me thinking about tattoo-inspired baby-grows for my little one.

Being tattooed myself, I love to decorate my skin so I think it’s natural to want to dress our little ones to impress.

Some of these are perfect if you’re a tattooed parent or looking for a gift for a tattoo lover who is pregnant. After all there needs to be some compensation of not being able to be tattooed during pregnancy!

Kat Baby 1 Kat Baby 4 Kat Baby 3 Kat Baby 2

The above collection of baby-grows are by a brand called Six Bunnies. I love how they tailor them to either a boy or a girl baby, as well as their traditional inspired tattoo designs.

Kat Baby 7

This cute and simple swallow baby-grow above is by MetalliMonsters.

Loveheart Bodysuit Blue

There is also a fantastic Love Heart baby-grow, above, that is available to buy from White Mint. It gets bonus points from me because it’s made from 100% fairly traded cotton in a non sweatshop environment that gives women opportunities to work for themselves. The design is printed using non PVC inks and machine washable at 30 degrees. I’m all about the eco-friendly products!

Kat Baby 5

Lastly, I love this temporary tattoo sleeve baby-grow. Little people can be rad and tattooed too! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while so I can get some photos of my little dude wearing one to shock my family with! This is perfect and it’s made by TotTude and by far my most favourite of all these products.

These items have been picked because I genuinely like them, not because I have been endorsed in any way to promote them!

Words: Kat Winifred
Photos: Various

Kat and Finley!

Kat and Finley!

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