Why tattooed people make good parents

As a new mum, Inkluded blogger and tattoo artist Kat Winifred has been thinking about how her experience of getting tattooed, and whether this has influenced her attitude towards parenting.

She wants to share with us 5 reasons why she thinks tattooed people make good parents (just for fun!).

Adam and Ollie

Adam and Ollie. Photo: Kat Winifred.

1. Parents who have been tattooed have been through pain. Because of this, people who have been tattooed may have more patience. Patience is key when dealing with an over-tired baby who instead of going to sleep, will scream the house down.


Kat and Finley. Photo: Kat Winifred.

2. Studies show that getting tattooed boosts your immune system – the more you get tattooed, the stronger your immune system will be! Meaning, when your little darlings come home from nursery or school with the plague you will be more equipped to fend of those illnesses. You’re tattooed and invincible (obviously).

Kat and Finley

Kat and Finley. Photo: Kat Winifred.

3. Tattooed parents aren’t scared of their child (who is over 18 only!) coming home with a tattoo. In fact they encourage it, even throughout their childhood with introductions to temporary and henna tattoos. Go be like mummy and daddy little one, decorate the walls of that house your beautiful soul lives in!

Stina and Rush

Stina and Rush. Photo: Kat Winifred.

4. Art is not limited to canvas, and tattooed parents know this. Want to draw on the wall? Go for it! Want to draw on your body? Here’s a pen! Want to colour in my tattoos? You can be play at being a tattoo artist because… hey, not every child wants to play doctors and nurses!

Troy and Rush

Troy and Rush. Photo: Kat Winifred.

5. Let’s face it, tattooed parents look cooler than non-tattooed parents, obviously!

All of this aside, having tattoos doesn’t make you a better parent than those who are not tattooed. But I had fun contemplating how it could make a difference!

Nothing defines good parenting other than good parents, no matter what is on your skin!

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