We are women with tattoos, hear us roar


We are women with tattoos, and these are our stories…

Yesterday I travelled to London to meet Eleni, photographer and founder of the project Women With Tattoos.

Women with Tattoos explores the stories and art behind inked skin. The project began in 2013 as a collaboration between two friends: Christina Theisen and Eleni Stefanou. They felt that mainstream media had a tendency to represent women with tattoos as sexual objects. In an effort to counter these images, they asked 13 women to take part in a photographic project celebrating the beauty and diversity of tattoos.

A few years on, Eleni has given Women with Tattoos a new lease of life as a blog. Her aim is to share her passion for tattoos as a compelling form of expression and to find out what they mean to individual women. You can read the stories of the women Eleni photographs over on the website.

Yesterday, I met Eleni in Hackney, London, and had the pleasure of being part of this exciting project.

Standing in a warm, open room on the top floor of a yoga centre in East London, I was able to (not just have my picture taken, but) find comfort in a still, silent moment of appreciation and realisation. I am, we are, women with tattoos.

Taking away Eleni’s photography and the women’s insightful interviews, the project does so much more for the people who take part in it. Even if just for a few hours, it draws us away from the chaos that is our busy day-to-day lives, and allows us to stop for a moment to consider who we have become on this side of the camera lens.

I can’t wait to see Eleni’s final photos and share them with you soon.

In the meantime, go and explore Women With Tattoos.

WWT 11 WWT 1 WWT 10 WWT 9WWT 4 WWT 6 WWT 3 WWT 7

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