The tattoo diaries by Lydia Amor: home

Guess who’s back. Back again. Lydia‘s back. Back again.

Our tattoo artist blogger has been off travelling, tattooing and penultimately returning to a brand new home.

Me and Mike have been super busy.

Gallivanting around the coast of Spain, guest spotting with our Spanish friends and moving house, to name but a few.

Every day has been non-stop with getting our new house homely and finding out where all of the local stuff is, It feels like I’ve not had time to breathe over the last month!

OK, firstly, Spain!

We headed off to Marbella at the start of the month to grab some sun and guest spot at Ink In Tattoo again! We first worked with the guys at this beautiful studio late last year and quickly fell in love with the surrounding coast. The studio is home to Jose Gonzales whose work me and mike both really admire. He invited us into his home this time to experience a Spanish BBQ.


Lydia 1

In Spain people typically eat very well, and lunch is the main meal of the day. Its actually pretty hard to get used to! Normally at home we eat a big dinner, then wind down all full and warm, ready for bed. But eating big and then going to work is so weird!

They do have such a beautiful outdoors way of life though, the complete opposite to ours at home. The days seem to last forever and ever which is really lovely – at 10pm there’s still a lot going on and most shops are open.

Lydia 10

I was super busy with tattooing which was amazing! I got the chance to tattoo buy viagra usa online some really lovely people and designs – I loved these pieces.

Lydia 2 Lydia 3 Lydia 4 Lydia 5

We’ve been to Marbella four times over the past two years so know the area pretty well now. We get around by local bus and explore new places each time. I’ve fallen in love with a mountain top village called Mijas so that’s a must-visit every time. Each time we visit this place it feels like a mind-detox. We’ve made some of our biggest life choices floating about in the pool. This time it was to move house!

So that’s what we did. We arranged a few viewings whilst we were still out there, and the day we flew home we found our new abode, tackled moving the following weekend… and that was it!

We’ve moved to a completely new county in an area where nobody we know lives and it’s bloody beautiful. It’s a little commute into Leicester for work but the house is so super worth it!

It’s so strange making a new house a home, starting off with a blank canvas and moving your life into it. Arranging furniture and decorations… oh, to be adult. There are still a few little bits left to do but we’ll get there!

Exploring a new city and county is so exciting, were really close to a beautiful castle and rolling countryside. Oh and an airport (plane watching is my secret hobby).

And to end it all off, I’ve really been enjoying the tattoos I’ve done recently, so here’s a few of my favourites.

Lydia 6 Lydia 7 Lydia 8 Lydia 9

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